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Kariobangi Paralegal Network

Nairobi, Kenya
Joined September 2020

Nairobi, low settlements of Kariobangi, Korogocho, Huruma, Bababdogo, Dandora, Kayole, mission To build capacity through training, provide legal aid, promote conflict resolution policy reviews.

Presence in: Kenya
Focus: Criminal Justice, Generalist Legal Services, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Traditional / Customary Justice

Kariobangi Paralegal Network (KAPARANET is an independent, not for profit registered Community based organization (CBO) that promotes access to justice, through human rights education, legal education, legal aid /advice sessions, research and advocacy.

Founded in 2009, KAPARANET was registered in 2012 with the goal of engaging community members in sustained learning of legal processes, participation and understanding social justice that overcome vulnerabilities in line with the UN sustainable Development Goals number 16(2) and Kenya’s vision 2030. This necessitates KAPARANET to work closely with actors in the governance, justice, law practitioners and transition institutions.

KAPARANET’s governance structure is composed of; the executive committee officials which is headed by a chair, secretary, treasurer, deputy secretary and deputy chair, and 4 committee members. Members comprising of Kenyans drawn from various professionals –, human rights workers, teachers, social workers and accountants. There is also the Secretariat that is headed by the Chief Executive Officer and has a staffing capacity of -four (4) comprising of lawyers, paralegals, social scientists, and accountant. All Kariobangi paralegal Network officials are trained, qualified and practicing paralegals. In total Kariobangi Paralegals has 24 trained, qualified, practicing and committed paralegals

KAPARANET does not work in isolation and has good partnerships with both State and Non-State actors, including pro bono lawyers and paralegal networks drawn from various law firms.

A member of the Police Reforms Working group, a a grouping of Non-state, civil society Organizations, advocate for democratic reforms in the National Police service Have applied to be a member of International Code of Conduct an observatory group under Civil Society pillar to monitor private security industry compliance operational standards

People Associated With This Organization

Bilasio Wandera

Kariobangi Paralegal Network
Joined September 2020
Interests: Criminal Justice, Generalist Legal Services, Traditional / Customary Justice
I am a male, 52 years old, family person and with much passion for the practice of legal Aid to the most vulnerable in the society. A graduate of Tangaza university with degree in social- development studies. Have worked as High school teacher since 1997 to 2010. Trained paralegal With Legal Resources Foundation, A and worked on governance programs focusing the deepening administrators understanding of law., Worked as a paralegal in Prisons of Kamiti, maximum Langata women Maximum and Remand, Nairobi Remand and Allocation prisons to enhance the legal abilities of the inmates on self-representation and monitoring human rights, identifying gender needs for inmates, following up with Judiciary and linking families during reintegration after inmates release. worked as a statement taker with Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission recording statements from Inmates who had been violated. Actualized the implementation of remote parenting in prisons, organized legal Aid clinics for inmates. Worked as Makadrara law court paralegal where i helped establish a functional Customer Care desk providing court users with timely reliable information in implementation of the Judicial Transformation framework on client centered services. I am a member of the Makadara Court Users Committee a forum that address justices challenges in the criminal Justice system. A trainer in human Right, security safety reforms, Peace and conflict transformation. Good communication skills, an organizer and team player. Am the Chair, Board of Management of Daniel Comboni Primary school, a public primary school in Korogocho and Chair, Consultative and advisory Council at Saint John’s Sports Society a entity that uses sports to as an advocacy tool in promoting peaceful coexistence and promote good governance principles. I have skill and Knowledge on financial Management I am the Executive Director of Kariobangi Paralegal network and secretary to the Consultative and Advisory Council, the organ that makes decisions for the organization that hinges on Human resources, Fiscal prudence and probity. I also initiate correspondence to and from partners, Represent the Organization in various forums and speak on behalf and for the organization, protect the image of the organization and amply visibility of the organization. In joining the Namati Network, I long to learn from all network members and share experiences on the undertaking of Kariobangi Paralegal Network, build global a regional and national solidarity around a common issue. I would like also be interested in benefiting from a pool of resources that the Network provides to other network members in regards to knowledge management, finances the networks calls upon members to apply and meetings to address variety of issues. Belonging to the network will increase the visibility of my profile by belonging to the wider global family.
Bilasio Wandera is the network champion (main point of contact) for Kariobangi Paralegal Network.

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