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Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group

Kharkiv, Ukraine
Joined December 2019

The purpose of KHPG is to promote observance in Ukraine of human rights as enshrined in international agreements and the Constitution of Ukraine. KHPG was created to provide legal and other aid

Presence in: Ukraine
Focus: Criminal Justice, Education, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Health, Labor & Employment, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Women's Rights

The purpose of KHPG is to promote observance in Ukraine of human rights as enshrined in international agreements and the Constitution of Ukraine. KHPG was created to provide legal, psychological and other aid to people whose rights have been viola-ted regardless of race, colour of skin, citizenship, sex, ethnic origin, language, religion, political and other views, and residence. Our demands to the State are as follows: it must 1) respect human rights and not resort to excessive interference in the exercise of these rights; 2) ensure the conditions for these rights to be enjoyed; 3) protect these rights where violations have taken place. KHPG’s mission is to defend human rights and fundamental freedoms against encroachments by the State as well as to assist the latter in asserting and defending these rights. It is our task to promote the State’s fulfilment of its positive duties with regard to human rights, and point to their inaction in reacting to human rights violations or in creating conditions for the enjoyment of these rights.

Strategic directions of KHPG activities are as follows:

a) Providing assistance to individuals whose rights have been infringed, and carrying out investigations into cases of human rights violation;

b) Gathering information on human rights violations and sending corresponding data to the relevant persons, organisations and mass media as well as state bodies;

c) Developing human rights education and promoting legal awareness through public actions, educational events and publications;

d) Providing analysis of the human rights situation in Ukraine, assessment of current legislation and draft laws from the point of view of their compliance with international human rights law;

e) Monitoring law-applying administrative and judicial practice in the context of human rights observation;

f) Appealing to legislative, executive and judicial authorities on problems concerning human rights.

People Associated With This Organization

Dmytro Mazurok

Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group
Joined December 2019
Interests: Criminal Justice, Gender-based violence
My work experience in jurisprudence is 14 years. Since 2011, I am an attorney. I have worked with the most affluent Ukrainian human rights NGO and dealt with various violations of human rights. For example, during 2014-2015 I was a regional manager of the Development of All-Ukrainian Legal Aid Network for Representatives of Vulnerable Groups Project implemented by the Kharkiv Human Rights Group. In Odesa region, the project assisted more than 50 drug-addicted persons with HIV/AIDS in access to healthcare and free legal aid.
In 2015-2017 I cooperated with the Strategic Litigation Centre of Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union. I was in charge of the preliminary assessment of strategic cases, a definition of specific strategy in supported cases, lodging applications before the European Court of Human Rights, reply on Government’s observations in communicated cases. I also worked closely with other Ukrainian human rights NGO: Media Initiative for Human Rights, LGBT Human Rights Center «Nash Mir», Amnesty International Ukraine, Freedom House Ukraine.
Dmytro Mazurok is the network champion (main point of contact) for Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group.

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