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Khwendo Jirga

Mingora, Pakistan
Joined March 2019

khwendo jirga is awoman based jirga it works in pakistan swat its mision is to provide equal rights to male and female and especially traditional customary justice we need the participation of women

Presence in: Pakistan
Focus: Criminal Justice, Education, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Right to Information, Traditional / Customary Justice, Women's Rights

Vision:KhwendoJirga is looking forward for a progresive and sustainable society, wherein all women to live a hapy life peacefuly and with dignity,enjoying social, political and economic equality as well as the right to livelihood,to freedom of expression, and to equal opportunity for female education and public participation.Mission: KhwendoJirga’s mission is to empower the women transgender,especially in rural regions of KhyberPakhtunkhwa.To promote education especially girl’s education,health,nutrition and well-being of new born and pregnant womento facilitate self-reliance, enable localself-governance, ensure natural resource management and promote women advocacy this is man dominated society and the situation of womenrights and respect is goingworse daybyday.Many incident occurred among which cutting of the leg of woman acidthrowing on face of woman cutting nose of woman, human trafficking, are the main factorswhich lead she to have a strong and official platform.She realized it that in most ofthe areas of swat and far flung areas there is still the tradition ofmen Jirga,in which there is norepresentation of women. Inthese Jirga’s women is always suffered becausetheyhaveto acceptthe decisions of men Jirga. Tabassum Adnan raised voice against this inhumanly act of men, andshe succeeded in establishing the first ever female Jirga of Pakistan at swat.officialand authorized forum,from which she could raise her voice,therefore she registered anorganization in Oct 2014 with the name KhwendoJirgaTcontinue strugglefor the women of the region,she aims to have powerful and concrete team to achieve all her goals.She aims to make this platform stronger and extend the services to whole KP and northernareas some 20 women groups in the entire district Swat and these Women groups are gathered under the platform of KhwendoJirga this is the first ever women council in the history of Pakistan that solves women isues at the grass-root level and refer women cases for free legal aid.

People Associated With This Organization

tabassum adnan

Khwendo Jirga
Joined March 2019
Interests: Criminal Justice, Education, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Generalist Legal Services, Livelihoods, Traditional / Customary Justice, Women's Rights
Ms Tabassum is very well known as the Khwedo Jirge Mashra (Leader of the Women Jirga/Council) The first ever Women Jirga in Pakistan,
Tabassum hails from SaiduSharif, the capital of Swat Valley, once the stronghold of the pro-Taliban Tehrik Nifaz-Sharia Mohammadi ('Movement for the Enforcement of Sharia'), and TTP (Tehrik Taliban Pakistan) which was ousted by a full-fledged military operation in 2009.Married at age of 13 to a man who was 30 years older than her at the age of 20 she was mother of 3 kids. Tabassum herself suffered great hardships in her marital life. Always obeyed a person whom she didn’t want to live with and was tortured physically and mentally every now and then.The Women Jirga evolved as a necessity due to the continuous violence against women in Pashtun society. Tabassum is the only woman that has stood against the patriarchal societal structure in Malakand Division to defend women rights and took the historical step of forming the first ever women Jirga in the history of Pakistan.This vision came to her mind when she suffered a lot due to the existing patriarchal fetters bounding women but she did not bowed but instead she vowed to fight back, she became the voice of the voiceless women of the society (She challenged the norms of Pashton culture)She formed the group by the name of Khwendo Jirga (The Sisters Council)for the purpose to raise the voice of the voiceless women which was never heard in the Pashtun Society.The Jirga is a system in which decision are made to settle disputes most of the time decision are made against women without consenting them most of the murder, enmity are settled by giving away a girl child in marriage to an elder person of the murdered person’s clan or family member. In such a situation or any other marriage a girl is never asked her opinion (She has to pay the price for the crime she never had committed and she has nothing to do with it). Here comes in the effort of Ms. Tabassum, her group is striving hard to fight such in justices she stand like a wall to stop such heinous crimes, she and her group supports and fights for the right of the innocent girls.She sought justice for the first acid victim Tahira in Swat who died in agony and pain, Tabassum raised her voice on every forum so that the poor soul could rest in peace.This failure did not dishearted her she vowed to fight all the poor souls who were about to suffer at the cruel hands of men in the society mean while a little girl age six was given (as SWARA) came forward to Ms. Tabassum asking her help so that she could be saved from this social evil Ms. Tabassum came forward and held the poor child’s hand and assured her every possible help it was Ms. Tabassum’s effort that the poor child was saved and the Elder of the Male Jirga members who had given the girl in SWARA were arrested for arrested for making such a heinous decision girl who was brutally murdered (Her husband and father in law tied her upside doAnother girl who was brutal
tabassum adnan is the network champion (main point of contact) for Khwendo Jirga.

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