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KIOS Foundation

Helsinki, Finland
Joined November 2017

KIOS Foundation is based in Helsinki, Finland. KIOS Foundation is supporting (by grant-making and advocacy) local human rights movement both in East Africa and South Asia.

Presence in: Bangladesh, Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, Pakistan, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Uganda
Focus: Women's Rights

KIOS is a unique actor based in Finland, channeling direct support to human rights projects planned and implemented by civil society organizations in developing countries.

In the supported projects, human rights are strengthened by human rights education, awareness raising, campaigning, monitoring and documentation of the human rights situation, advocacy work and legal aid, among other activities.

In addition to project funding, KIOS supports the organizations by strengthening their capacity, networks and security.

People Associated With This Organization

Elina Vuola

KIOS Foundation
Joined November 2017
Interests: Environmental Justice
I work as a Expert of East Africa at KIOS Foundation based in Helsinki, Finland. KIOS Foundation is supporting local human rights movement both in East Africa and South Asia. Beside grant-making we advocate and support the enabling environment for civil society and especially human rights defenders.

Okeyo Corrazon

KIOS Foundation (Unverified)
Joined April 2018
Interests: Women's Rights
I am a lawyer by profession who is keen to work with the vulnerable population that has been neglected by the society for the longest period ever.I am currently working with Female sex workers who are perpetually violated by their clientele that they entertain for the purposes of business transactions.They do not report the violations due to the self stigmatization that they have developed due to the treatment they have been receiving from the society.My duty therefore involves helping them advocate for their human rights that are within the legal framework of the constitution.I ensure that the justice they deserve is served.We have also trained paralegals who work closely with the community.
Over the time we have developed a good rapport with the police and they fully ensure that these women are not discriminated in any way whatsoever. This network will therefore provide a platform where I can learn more from other members and adopt the mechanisms learnt to enhance my expertise.
Elina Vuola is the network champion (main point of contact) for KIOS Foundation.

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