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Kosovo Law Center – KLC

Pristina, Kosovo
Joined March 2012
Presence in: Kosovo

The Kosovo Law Centre (KLC) was established in June 2000, as an independent, nonprofit, non-governmental organization (NGO). It was founded by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s Mission in Kosovo (OSCE/OMIK), Department of Human Rights and Rule of Law, The goal in creating KLC was to cultivate the professional skills of local legal talent in order to establish a locally run, independent and sustainable NGO that embodies, develops and promotes democratic principles, multiculturalism, high ethical standards, the rule of law and respect for human rights. Since its founding, KLC has served as a legal think-tank devoted to the implementation of these principles.
A primary objective of the KLC is to develop a sustainable civil society, based on respect for human rights and the rule of law. To accomplish this vision, Koch’s wide ranges of program activities are designed to strengthen the professional skills of Kosovar legal talent, and to assist all of Kosovo’s citizens in achieving a greater understanding of the law and legal process. KLC’s programs include legal research and analysis, continuing legal education for mid-career legal professionals, legal training for Kosovo’s minority and at-risk communities, and the publication of materials such as the Kosovo Legal Studies journal, Bulletin of Kosovo Supreme Court Case Law, and the Compilations of Applicable Laws.
At its core, KLC’s mission is to provide the people of Kosovo with the understanding, knowledge, skills and resources necessary to fully participate in Kosovo’s society, as legal professionals or as lay citizens.
KLC staff is experienced and knowledgeable on the fields they pursue. It is composed of one director, Program Coordinator, Program Manager, Financial Officer, and an administrative assistant. In addition, important parts of KLC staff are various Interns from all over the world. They bring to the organization their international culture, experience and education which plays a vital part in many activities of KLC.
KLC will remain a long-standing legal institution that will continue to serve the legal community of Kosovo in a neutral, unbiased and strictly non-political manner.