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Le Collectif des Communautés Subsahariennes au Maroc (The Collective of Sub-Saharan Communities in Morocco )

Rabat, Morocco
Joined May 2022

We are a non-profit organisation that defends the rights of migrant people in Morocco and works for their socio-economic, educational and cultural integration through advocacy and mediation actions.

Presence in: Morocco
Focus: Refugees & Migrant Rights

The Collectif des Communautés Subsahariennes au Maroc (CCSM) is an organization for migrants and the African diaspora defending the rights of migrants. Created in 2011, it has been officially recognized since 2015 by the Moroccan authorities. On one hand, our organization implements awareness-raising, accompaniment, mediation and legal assistance actions for migrant populations. On the other hand, we carry out advocacy actions with institutional actors and local authorities. 

Since its creation, the CCSM has been involved in a range of projects and actions to protect and defend the rights of migrants for their socio-economic, cultural and educational integration. By this the organization works in collaboration with several Moroccan organizations and institutions that are donors for different activities and projects aimed at protecting Migrants’ rights. The CCSM  also participates in various consultations on migration issues at international and national level.


People Associated With This Organization

Mamadou Bhoye Diallo

Le Collectif des Communautés...
Joined May 2022
Interests: Refugees & Migrant Rights
The CCSM is an organization that supports migrants in their integration in Morocco and I work as the main administrator of the organization.
I am responsible for establishing contacts between the board members, coordinating the activities of the members, and providing developmental support.
I also officially represent the organization. However, I can delegate this power of representation to any other member of the organization. I elaborate or participate in the elaboration of the organization's orientations, and ensure the preparation of the short and long-term action plans of the Executive Committee. Furthermore, I act as a link between the organization, other organizations, and other external groups (donors, public and private institutions) concerning the objectives of the organization.
I also promote the organization its activities and services and ensure communication between the organization's executive board and its members. As the Legal Empowerment Network seeks to advance justice and protect human rights, I consider that our organization shares the same angle of intervention which makes joining the Network important allowing me to benefit from the support, experience as well as expertise of the different, individuals groups and organizations present in the Network. In addition, being a member of the Legal Empowerment Network would broaden my horizon, strengthen my capacity in the field of the protection of migrants' rights and would allow me to develop a community of partners in the case of advocacy and the defense of human rights and specifically migrants' rights.
Mamadou Bhoye Diallo is the network champion (main point of contact) for Le Collectif des Communautés Subsahariennes au Maroc (The Collective of Sub-Saharan Communities in Morocco ).

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