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Ngaoundéré, Cameroon
Joined September 2021

LIDEE works in Central Africa, Cameroon, Chad, RCA, the mission : protection of natural resources and the environment, To supervise grassroots groups in strengthening their organizational

Presence in: Cameroon
Focus: Environmental Justice
  • To participate in all activities aimed at the protection of natural resources and the environment.
  • To supervise grassroots groups in strengthening their organizational and operational capacities and above all to facilitate the circulation of strategic information on support and integration opportunities in sustainable socio-productive circuits.

LIDEE proposes to:

  • Undertake public awareness and education activities on several aspects (environmental, citizenship education, etc.);
  • Educate people on the need to stop cutting and abusing trees, as a source of environmental degradation and destruction;
  • Organize training sessions for grassroots groups with the ultimate goal of strengthening their productivity and thereby their income.
  • Develop strategies likely to strengthen the administrative and financial autonomy of the structure and strengthen its intervention.
  • Negotiate training courses for various stakeholders with support partners for efficiency purposes.
  • Organize radio broadcasts to facilitate consultation between local development actors.

People Associated With This Organization

Nongni Mathieu

Joined September 2021
Interests: Environmental Justice
CEO of the NGO LIDEE created in 2018 in Cameroon, PhD student in the field of Science of education. in charge of development projet and reseacher in professional didactics. chief of project. PrGPV-MAD funded by European Union.
Nongni Mathieu is the network champion (main point of contact) for LIDEE.

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