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Madaripur Legal Aid Association (MLAA)

Dhaka, Bangladesh
Joined February 2015
Presence in: Bangladesh

For the past 34 years Madaripur Legal Aid Association (MLAA) has developed sustainable programs that address the greatest challenges with formal and informal justice system in Bangladesh.
Established: March 1978

Legal Status: Registered NGO AB no-055, Dated: 22.04.81
Primary Beneficiaries: Disadvantage & poor people, particularly of the rural area and especially of female and children stratum are the primary beneficiaries.

Secondary Beneficiaries: UP representatives, students, teachers, village elites, women leaders, rural civil society members, journalists, lawters, judicial officials, law enforcing agencies and NGO activists.
Vision: A just society where rule of law and human rights are upheld.
Mission: MLAA strives to ensure access to justice and human rights for all people irrespective of sex, cast, creed, religion, race through informal justice process and formal justice system.
Goal: Access to justice increased for empowerment of disadvantaged people, particularly women & children.
Main Objective: Access to Justice increased empowerment of disadvantaged people, particularly women & Children.

Objectives: Increasing access to justice and human rights for people’s empowerment:
• by widening access to formal judiciary ;
• by promoting effective judicial system of local government;
• by contributing to establish of the rule of law and human rights culture in Bangladesh;
• by raising awareness among NGO workers, students, teachers as well general citizens on human rights.
• by ensuring institutionalization of alternative dispute resolution through dissemination and replication of Madaripur Mediation Model;
• ensuring access to justice and human rights for the poor people through policy advocacy;
• through advocating for reforms of law, legal system to make it more systematic, dynamic and acceptable; and
• by providing support to the vulnerable people in case of natural and climate related disasters with an aim to fulfill Human Rights obligation to uphold right to life.

People Associated With This Organization

Abul Munsur Abdullah is the network champion (main point of contact) for Madaripur Legal Aid Association (MLAA).

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