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Raymond Laurent

Added on: Mar 13, 2019

to empower the community by creating awareness on their rights, health related issues, providing material support, legal and counseling assistance to women and children who have no access to rights

MHOLA is a non- profit making , Non Governmental Organization (NGO) registered under the Society Ordinance of 1954 of Tanzania, the NGO act no 24 of 2002, the NGO act no ………of 2005 and was issued certificate no 00NGO00008006 in June 2015. MHOLA aims at building capacity of women and children by creating awareness on their rights, provision of Legal and health services to the community particularly women and children who have no access to that very important right. The main objectives are to eliminate violation of women’s and children’s fundamental rights by creating legal awareness to the community, through seminars, trainings, workshops, dissemination of brochures and other related Information, Education and Communication materials (IEC), provision of legal aid, court representation where deemed necessary and appropriate referrals to different higher legal institutions.

Vision Statement
The Vision of the organization is to have a healthy society which is free from extreme poverty, gender violence and discrimination.

Mission Statement
The Mission of the organization is to empower the community by creating awareness on their rights, health related issues, providing material support, legal and counseling assistance to women and children who have no access to those very important rights.

Core Values
Integrity, transparency, confidentiality, directness, professionalism, teamwork, volunteerism, service to humanity and accountability.

some of Organization Objectives:

  1. To enable women and children to know their basic –cum- fundamental rights
  2. Conducting awareness activities such as workshops which can gather women and children from different areas, backgrounds and classes;
  3. Preparing radio and television programs on different topics for educational purposes;
  4. Producing and publishing brochures, posters and leaflets on different topics related to a specific area and group and distribute them free of charge


Am working with a Non-Governmental Organization called "Mamas' Hope Organization for Legal Assistance" (MHOLA) where by am working as the an Advocate/Barrister and Branch Manager in Karagwe and Ngara Districts. As the an advocate most of my roles are to empower the community on legal matters, provide legal assistance and legal representation in courts of law. our focus is mainly to women, children and marginalized within our society whose rights have been or is likely to be denied. in order to reach most of the community members, MHOLA uses the trained paralegals who are found in every Ward within the area of operation so that to empower the community members to know the law, institutions and later shape their life after they have clearly utilized all means available to access their rights. With this network on behalf of MHOLA team we are looking for more networking with like-minded organizations and Donors who can join hands with us in helping the community in legal empowerment within our area in Ngara and karagwe District in Kagera Region (Tanzania) where there is still great violence of women and children rights particularly on Gender based Violence, Property Ownership and unbearable customs sorrounding the community.


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