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The Hague, Netherlands
Joined June 2013
Presence in: Netherlands

Microjustice is an innovative way of offering legal services to address the urgent needs of poor people using a market approach to law. It is adapted from the successful Microfinance model. After identifying their demand, quality services (standardized legal services fulfilling these needs) are offered through a distribution network in both urban and rural areas. Legal services for poor people become accessible, relevant, affordable, and sustainable for the first time.

Microjustice4All (MJ4All) sets up local infrastructures (MJ Country Organizations) that provide legal services to persons with lower incomes, opening up a floodgate of opportunities that allows them to end their cycle of poverty and fully participate in society. For example, having identity papers is a pre-requisite to access many basic needs such as health care, schooling, getting a job, protecting home or land, owning a business, receiving social benefits etcetera. The affordable MJ4All solutions encourage the poor to be self-reliant.

Microjustice provides services in obtaining:

(correct) civil documentation
housing and land registration
registration of legal entities (local communities, small business, etcetera)

Furthermore, legal services are offered relating to the above often in family law (inheritance procedures, recognition of children etc). These key areas have been identified as precondition for economic development by the Commission of the Legal Empowerment of the Poor in its report of 20081

MJ’s innovative model addresses these legal needs by providing the legal services demanded at a price level that even poor people can afford, allowing the disadvantaged to access a whole range of opportunities. By doing so, Microjustice also identifies obstacles in the bureaucratic processes, which are reported in order to persuade the authorities to simplify and improve them (lobbying). Microjustice thus builds bridges between the people and their institutions, acting as a go-between to obtain basic legal documents. Special target groups are vulnerable groups and emerging middle classes to enable their economic development and, if needed, to enjoy legal protection.

People Associated With This Organization

Aldo Blom

Microjustice4All (Unverified)
Joined January 2019
Interests: Citizenship & Identification, Environmental Justice, Family, Labor & Employment, Right to Information
I have been working as a legal consultant for Microjustice4All since August 2018, including a month in Kenia. In the past, I have also volunteered for the Dutch refugee organisation VluchtelingenWerk. Here I worked in the family reunification department.

At MJ4ALL we are looking for innovative solutions to promote the access to justice for all. Historically our focus has been on the provision of necessary legal documents, like civil, property or business documents, to enable people to take part in the formal society/economy trough legal empowerment and security as opposed to the informal sector, from which it is hard to sustainably improve one's life. We view the use of innovative ICT tools as highly potential to make a cost-efficient impact which can by universally applied.

Willem-Jan Verheggen

Microjustice4All (Unverified)
Joined March 2018
Interests: Generalist Legal Services
MicroJustice4All International is justice on a micro-level, taking the person and their vulnerability as the points of departure. Microjustice entails providing a person with legal protection and access to the entitlements (services/benefits/utilities) of the society in which they live.

In order to achieve Microjustice, MJ4All focuses on non-litigious private and administrative legal matters. MJ4All offers practical, legal solutions which often takes the form of a legal document, such as correction of birth certificates, death certificates, contracts, ID, business registration, registration of social organizations, property transfer and land registration. In this way, people can protect themselves, their business and their belongings. In addition, it enables people and groups to access the benefits and entitlements in the system of their country (including access to education, healthcare, pension schemes and enfranchisement). MJ4All’s work is comparable to the work of solicitors in
is the network champion (main point of contact) for Microjustice4All.

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