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Fatima Yasmin Bokhari

Added on: Aug 10, 2018

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Musawi is an independent organization with a broad and multidisciplinary research mandate and emphasis on all facets of development in Pakistan.

Established in March of 2018, Musawi is an organization comprising highly trained lawyers, economists and public policy specialists, who bring their diverse experiences from the practical and theoretical domains to provide a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to each problem. Musawi has an open research mandate; the personnel in our team have worked on national and international projects pertaining to exploratory research, monitoring and evaluation, experimental design and intervention, impact assessment and survey implementation, strategic litigation on human rights, advocacy geared towards legislative and policy reform, capacity building and training assessments. Members of Musawi have experience spanning over a decade of working with the Federal and Provincial governments in Pakistan and International Organizations.

Musawi’s present thematic areas of focus include: awareness-raising on and working with local governments and communities to localize the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030; criminal justice reform, including capacity building and training of justice sector stakeholders on rule of law and human rights standards; enhancing access to justice and accountability for gender-based violence and torture; environmental justice; education – including increasing access at the primary level through monitoring and evaluation of existing donor led programs – and a separate initiative on clinical legal education in law schools.

Musawi is currently in the inception phase of developing a project on Legal Identity and Citizenship focusing on children living in slums and informal settlements and the challenge that poses for access to education at the primary level. As part of that work, Musawi will be creating a network of community based para-legals.

Musawi means equality, and that is what we strive for in all our work — equal opportunities and rights for every individual regardless of race/ethnicity, gender, religion or economic background.


Fatima Yasmin Bokhari

My name is Fatima Yasmin Bokhari. I am a lawyer, licensed to practice in the High Courts of Pakistan, and hold a double LL.M. from University of London and Harvard Law School. At present, I am the CEO of Musawi (Equality in Urdu/Arabic), an independent organization based in Pakistan. Prior to this, and through my work with the Open Society Justice Initiative as an Aryeh Neier fellow, I came across legal empowerment as a tool to address challenges of access to law and trust deficit within communities, and to supplement traditional use of law and advocacy to achieve contextualised and innovative solutions. Being part of the network would enable me to continue to learn approaches deployed by members to deal with problems in their jurisdictions, especially in countries with weaker/dysfunctional legal systems - and to allow me to share relevant experiences from Pakistan.


Junaid Noor

Currently serving as Director, Monitoring and Evaluation at Musawi. Junaid is an Economist by training and has a decade’s experience of conducting research in both academic and field settings. He has worked extensively with the EU Punjab Access to Justice on the performance evaluation of the Legal Service Centers, Monitoring & Evaluation of the DLEC Pilot Project and Endline Evaluation Survey of the Public Awareness Campaign along with performance evaluation of public prosecutors in Punjab. He has also worked with ADS Pvt. Ltd. on review of investigative and procedural aspects of serious cases in Punjab and performance of Public Safety Commissions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He is also the co-author or the WWF report titled Economic Imapacts and Health Implications for Textile and Leather Industry in Pakistan.


Sevim Saadat

My name is Sevim Saadat, I am a lawyer based in Pakistan. I hold an L.L.M from Cornell law school and currently I am Manager Programs at Musawi, an organization based in Pakistan. At present I am leading two projects, clinical education in Paksitan as well as the Citizenship and Identity Project. Previously, I was the Project Manager for the Legal Education Support Program – Phase I project under Arizona State University. I have worked extensively on legal education reform in Pakistan, focusing on clinical education and practical skills development for law students.


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