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Muslim Attorney Centre Foundation (MAC) (Thailand)

Muang Yala, Thailand
Joined December 2016
Presence in: Thailand

A legal aid organization Adherence to moral principles and the rule of law. To be legal, and human rights abuses have access to justice equally.

Corporate Mission
Muslim Attorney Center is a private, nonprofit organization. Aimed to disseminate legal knowledge. And assistance to the prosecution, not the fairness of the judicial process. With the mission to develop and create a human rights lawyer. Network volunteer assistant attorney. Including collaboration with partner organizations. To bring peace to social justice.

The organization’s mission
: 1. To promote consultation and dissemination of knowledge of the law to the people and organizations
2. The rights and legal assistance to citizens and organizations. Who did not receive a fair
3. energize lawyers. Libertarians To join Strengthen mutual understanding for the benefit of the public. Society and the nation
4. Build relationships with a network of legal organizations and human rights in the country.

People Associated With This Organization

Naemah Wangoh is the network champion (main point of contact) for Muslim Attorney Centre Foundation (MAC) (Thailand).

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