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National Paralegals Association in Moldova (NPAM)

Glodeni, Moldova
Joined June 2018

NPAM are working in Moldova since 2017.

Presence in: Moldova
Focus: Education, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Right to Information, Women's Rights

The strengthening of the efforts of the paralegals under the umbrella of NAPM offers increased opportunities of advancing the legal empowerment of population through:
– optimisation of internal resources,
– improvement of the rapports with the relevant authorities and stakeholders, and
– through contribution to the improvement of the legal framework itself.

NAPM is guided by the following vision: each resident in Moldova knows their rights and obligations, use justice to satisfy individual needs and participate actively in holding those in power to account, while NAPM is the main professional association in the area of legal empowerment of people in Moldova. To achieve this vision, NAPM has formulated the following mission: to enable citizens with basic legal skills, through its network of competent paralegals, with a solid professional image, in a clear legal setting that is predictable and focused on the interests and development of the citizen.

People Associated With This Organization

Boico Maria

National Paralegals Association in... (Unverified)
Joined July 2019
Interests: Community / Customary Land Rights

Olesea Harti

National Paralegals Association in... (Unverified)
Joined July 2019
Interests: Family, Labor & Employment, Right to Information, Women's Rights
I am working as a paralegal in Moldova since 2016.

Violetta Odagiu

National Paralegals Association in...
Joined June 2018
Interests: Education, Gender-based violence, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Health, Right to Information, Women's Rights
I'm Violetta Odagiu from Moldova. I am a paralegal since 2010.
In June 2017 Moldovan paralegals created the National Paralegals Association in Moldova (NPAM). I am the executive director of NPAM.

I worked as a community paralegal in a rural community from Moldova within the project “The Stimulation of the Democracy Processes from Moldova through Empowerment and Participation”, the component: “Legal Empowerment of the Rural Communities through a Membership of Community Paralegals”. I have also activated on the project “The promotion of Community Education and the Documentation of the Failure Cases of the Human Rights at the Local Level through the Legal Empowerment of the paralegals”, both projects implemented by the Fundation Soros Moldova.
In this period I was able to help many people, but still very most people have not understood yet the benefits of legal empowerment. For this reason I want to know many ways to motivate people to develop their legal empowerment which will facilitate access to justice, protect and defend their rights.

National Paralegals Association in Moldova (NPAM) is the professional and apolitical organization of paralegals in Moldova. For more then 5 years, members of the association have been connecting people in over 30 communities with decision makers at local, regional and national level. Our vision is that every Moldovan knows their rights and makes use of them.
Violetta Odagiu is the network champion (main point of contact) for National Paralegals Association in Moldova (NPAM).

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