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National Youth Association

Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Joined July 2018

Platform for youth working on Capacity building, Youth Awareness in Politics, Empowerment, Peace Promoting and Social Awareness in Pakistan.

Presence in: Pakistan
Focus: Education, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Peace-building & Transitional Justice
National Youth Association is a platform for youth of Pakistan.
which is working on capacity building, youth awareness in politics, empowerment, peace promoting and social awareness in Pakistan its a platform where youth can interact and share with each other possibilities regarding their own future. We bring young people on a journey of discovery about themselves their environment and ultimately help them to find their place in a society.The main objectives of the National Youth Association is to plan, execute and coordinate the youth development activities in different parts of the country; and1. To organize an extensive youth force of the country and to their creative and organizing power in safeguarding the national unity.
2. To employ the youth force in all fields of national development activities.
3. To create awareness regarding social right, responsibilities and opportunities through motivating the youth community to discharge their responsibility towards individual, society and nation.
4. To create awareness amongst the youth about their careers by providing counselling services to them.
5. To develop the youth community through latest technical and professional training programs based on current needs.
6. To motivate the youth community for voluntary participation and social activities.
7. To cooperate with all the organizations of Pakistan for national peace and development.
8. To assist the government in implementing policies and programs for the development of the youth community.
9. To be actively engage in vital peace-making and peace-sustaining processes for the benefit of the entire nation.

People Associated With This Organization

Muhammad Owais khan

National Youth Association
Joined July 2018
Interests: Education, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Peace-building & Transitional Justice
Hey !
This is Owais khan khattak founding president of National Youth Association (Pak) .
I struggled and came from very backward areas of Pakistan and started work for youth, peace and humanity and for community development and initiate "National Youth Association.
my vision of life is to see Happiness,prosperous, peaceful and culturally harmonious society we need to spread messages of love, harmony, peace and acceptance,
Realizing the importance of Peace, youth in a diverse society pakistan and world.
Our demographic area is Pakistan so Youth from all areas want to positive change in over beloved country but their is no opportunity for youth.
Iso now i want to improve and polish my skills so that me and my team not only do something for our country but do something internationally which brings prosperity for society.

Prince Lord Caryhn Carinan

National Youth Association (Unverified)
Joined August 2022
Interests: Citizenship & Identification, Community Organizing, Disability Rights, Environmental Justice, Ethnic / Religious Minorities' Rights, Family, Peace-building & Transitional Justice
Well Hi The Ambassadors of Goodwill by the way my Name is Prince Lord Carinan as I shorten my long name just kiddin well in fact I'm here to join in Global Goodwill Ambassador Foundation not just for my own sake to be like to be on prestige as an Ambassador but to become the shadow star light in this Organization to reach out not peasant people because they are not peasant because in the truth of heavens eyes they are blessed with hope and those people especially the little children they are not just the joy for the world but the faith and hope that we've praying for that those children little kids will be the shine of the world lights as a soon to become as my Vision as a Goodwill Ambassador I want we know that you also want not just a spit in a mic that it has to change but action and to eliminate the mallice negativity when it comes to the never ending state that has impossible to change the cycle of promise of peace that had never been before because of the depravity of human being we are not here to help the little childrens as little orphans and the reality of it 8 out of 10 them left their trace without a trace because of the lackness of revolutionary knowlwge because we in our culture his when it comes to physiological and psychological perception of race in the world were in western in order to help ourselves and others we should have the intrapersonal abilities while in the eastern was focuses on interpersonal we know that the world revolutionized and unified but this era in Gen Z we see the awe lack of dignity discipline Faith Trust and when it comes to helping the other people and who is the one that deserve to give our help so in the eyes of my perception as an individuals my Contribution this Prestige Organization is to give knowldge on how we care ourself one of the most first step and connect with the people has the same soul as yours as me as we diverse into group As a soon to be Goodwill Ambassador our first mission in order to help other countries is to love our countries first and set aside its flaws instead we show in social media our opinions debates that can tolerate virus our world today we should bring a banner of our formal stand straight formal clothes and letter and give it to the government who have lackness itself and show the world especially in vlogging by being such a egoistic self righteous person as a hypocrite in vlog but to strive for the best of ourselves where the world will be filled angels of dove if we just act care stop our voice and give comfort anyone to anybody that those who deserves to change and especially to justified in their sins crimes because there is no human rights without justication in sins even in every fellow that near to us.
Muhammad Owais khan is the network champion (main point of contact) for National Youth Association.

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