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Subindra Bogati

Added on: Jun 17, 2019

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Nepal Peacebuilding Initiative works in Nepal. Its mission is to enable people to build peace. We have been working on issues like peacebuilding, dialogue, civic engagement and political violence.

Nepal Peacebuilding Initiative (NPI) is non-profit making organization devoted to evidence-based policy and action on security and development issues. Our goal is to enhance local input on security and development interventions and strengthen the capacity of societies to build durable peace.

NPI works with government agencies, civil society organizations and community members to enhance their peacebuilding capability. NPI engages in research, analysis and dialogue, in order to improve local and national policies and practices that can help build lasting peace.


Subindra Bogati

Subindra Bogati is the Founder and Chief Executive of the Nepal Peacebuilding Initiative, where he oversees the organisation’s development and growth as well as operations and programmes. He has over 12 years of experience designing and managing peacebuilding, development and humanitarian response programmes in Nepal. He has authored and co-authored numerous publications on peacebuilding and humanitarian issues. He holds a master’s degree in international relations from London Metropolitan University. He was a Chevening Fellow at the University of Birmingham on democracy, rule of law and security in 2009.