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Network Champion: Main point of contact for this organization. Maintains this page and ensures organization makes the most of network membership.
Abdul Karim Habib

Added on: Jul 12, 2019

Last Updated: Jul 19, 2019

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We promote Human Rights and Governance issues through training, dialogue, advocacy, lobby and campaigns to change the mindset of the people and increase people’s participation in governance so that...

NMDHR’s Vision, Mission and Philosophy

Network Movement for Development and Human Rights (NMDHR) is a credible NGO promoting human rights and democratic values.
Network Movement for Democracy and Human Right is a coalition of community based civil society and human right organizations. We promote human Rights and Governance issues through advocacy, lobby and campaigns to change the mindset of the people and increase people’s participation in governance so that development and peace can take place.


Governance and Participation

Gender and Women’s Health

Child Protection

Develop and maintain a dedicated and participatory workspace that will accomplish our mission. Involve Network partners and our donor partners at all levels in matters that relate to their needs, the needs of NMDHR and NMDHR staff. Promote cooperation and teamwork among network partners. Recognize and respect the dignity of the individual in accordance with Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).
Our Core Values
The NMDHR demonstrate the following values:

Respect for gender Exercise indiscriminate respect to all humans irrespective of age/sex and accord equal opportunity to all

Accountable & Transparent:Embracing honesty/open and sincere in explaining our actions and keep up to expectations

Inclusiveness Ensures diversity

Tolerant/Accommodative and positively collaborating in the performance of assigned duties

Professionalism Encompassing discipline, dependability, team spirit, expertise and integrity

Committed Acceptance of responsibilities and willingness for timely performance of assigned duties

Collaboration, truthfulness Work in partnership to avoid duplication of efforts open and reliable with team spirit

Melvin Sharty


Abdul Karim Habib

Mr. Abdul Karim Habib has over 17 years’ professional experience in the NGO sector with skills in Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law, Policy Advocacy and Engagement, Network and Alliance Building, Human Rights Monitoring, Elections Monitoring, Integrated Financial Management, Social & Healthcare Accountability, Youth Development, Journalism for Human Rights, governance & Participation, Gender and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) etc. across a broader spectrum of programming, project management and community engagement. He is the co-founder of Network Movement for Democracy & Human Rights (NMDHR), an organization that envisions a world where human rights and democratic principles and values are promoted and protected. My purpose for joining the Legal Empowerment network is to see how my organization's membership with the network will strengthen our already legal empowerment efforts in Sierra Leone to see how we can jointly minimized the legal challenges people face in our communities of operations.

Sierra Leone