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239 Thompson St
New York, NY 10012
United States


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Nathan Yaffe

Added on: Sep 19, 2017

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2017

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We stand in solidarity with immigrant communities fighting deportation, and seek to expand sanctuary spaces beyond their traditional confines in houses of worship.

NSC runs four major programs: a pro se legal clinic, an accompaniment program, “Sanctuary Hood”—a community-based sanctuary space and organizing initiative, and a community assembly where people do skills-building and “beyond your rights” trainings, as well as solidarity work.


Jordan Dunn

I am a doctoral student in clinical psychology who is currently volunteering in federal immigration court doing courtroom accompaniment. I am trying to gain skills and knowledge that will help me collaborate and empower those I accompany, their family and friends. I am interested in the psychological aspects of training and learning how to work horizontally and decenter dominant narratives in supporting and facilitating grassroots coalitions.

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Marty McConnell

I am working with New Sanctuary Coalition to establish funding systems and increase organizational sustainability.

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Nathan Yaffe

I'm here to learn. I am a recent NYU Law Grad. I've been fortunate to engage in supporting human rights advocacy work from a variety of vantage points: contributing to ATS litigation in US courts; interning for an organization doing on-the-ground human rights work in Haiti; supporting student clinics that do human rights work; taking classes; and advocacy, lobbying, and NGO work pre-law school. However, recently I've come to work in a different context that has more of a community organizing/legal empowerment orientation. That's with the New Sanctuary Coalition of NYC. In the past year of working with them as a volunteer organizing, I've felt more clarity about the need for legal empowerment work and more excitement about contributing to it than ever before. I want to learn from others who have been thinking systematically about what it looks like to do this work.

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