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Norwegian Refugee Council Postboks 148, Sentrum 0102

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Emad Al-Quraan

Added on: Jun 12, 2016

Last Updated: Nov 28, 2019

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The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is an independent, humanitarian, non-profit, non- governmental organisation which provides assistance, protection and durable solutions to refugees and internally displaced persons worldwide.
The majority of our more than 8000 staff members are national employees in NRC’s projects in 28 countries in Africa, Asia, America and Europe.
All our projects are supervised by the head office in Oslo


Abubakar Hassan Fika

Am a Legal Practitioner currently working with Norwegian Refugee Council at the Department of Information, counselling and legal Assistance. I facilitate and partake in the implementation of our activities .. i:e facilitating access to Legal identity, civil Documentation, Housing Land and Properties rights and access to essential services.


Abubakar Zubairu

I am a Legal Practitioner and a humanitarian. I am innovative, hardworking and has the ability to work with people from various backgrounds. I am a practical team player and a gladiator in a suit. I possess the undisputed quality of working in hostile environments and also the ability to work under intense pressure. I look forward to meeting new people from different backgrounds and contexts, sharing thoughts and experiences with view of building each other's capacity with regards to how people can access Identity and Civil documentation and the legal and dynamic intricacies related to it same.


Depika Sherchan

I working on HLP and interested in formal and informal ways of resolving HLP issues.


Emad Al-Quraan

I am a Jordanian lawyer, who have been working for around 5 years in the humanitarian legal assistance field, and currently working as a legal coordinator in a paralegal programme in Jordan.




Jehad Arafat

Jehad Arafat is a legal projects Coordinator at the Norwegian Refugee Council`s Information, Counselling and Legal Assistance (ICLA) Program in the Gaza Strip, Palestine. He received his L.L.M of Human Rights Law, International Justice Specialization from Central European University, Hungary. His former career occupations included working with different international and national humanitarian and human rights organizations within Gaza, such as MSF (Doctors without Borders), Palestinian Center for Human Rights and Al Mezan Center for Human Rights. Mr. Arafat have coauthored a number of publications including papers submitted to the Land and Poverty Conferences carried out by the World Bank in Washington D.C and was the leading author for other legal manuals and guides regarding Housing, land and property rights in the Gaza Strip. Currently, he resides in Gaza and can be contacted at Jehad.arafat@nrc.no

State of Palestine

Jose Arraiza

Dr (Mr) José María Arraiza has more than ten years experience of working on minority issues (including statelessness) in post-conflict scenarios for organisations such as the UN (UN Missions in Kosovo and East Timor), OSCE (High Commissioner on National Minorities, OSCE Mission in Kosovo) and the Norwegian Refugee Council (Myanmar). Dr Arraiza is currently managing a project on legal identity rights which provides facilitated access to civil documents to vulnerable communities in Myanmar, for the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). Mobile teams of NRC staff and local authorities travel to remote areas affected by the recent conflicts and provide official ID cards free of charge through a One Stop Service. In addition, NRC in Myanmar conducts information, counselling and capacity building activities as well as field-based research which is used for advocacy purposes in the area of legal identity rights.


Katrien Ringele

I am working for the IRC as a technical adviser protection and rule of law and am particularly interested in issues related to land rights and access to land and legal empowerment and employment/livelihoods.

United States

Khin Thu

I am a rights promoter for IDPs/Refugee Returnees/ host communities on Citizenship Rights and HLP rights in Myanmar. I try to help those vulnerable communities to fully access their rights and better services provided by the government of Myanmar.


Malvina Elkhoury Awad

I am a lawyer, holder of Masters degree in Law, currently working for NRC for more than nine years n in the Palestine office, I am the Information, Counseling and Legal Aid (ICLA) Programme Manager. I have the humanitarian work background and experience as well as the project management experience. Before NRC, I have worked for a variety of Local and International NGOs, Donor organizations and National societies and worked closely with the various UN Agencies. Training and capacity build newly graduated lawyers and lectured in many law schools. I advise on and develop operational policies pertaining to project implementation and management being responsible for reviewing the project activities on a daily basis in order to ensure smooth implementation and monitoring the annual and quarterly work against budget plans and detailed implementation plans.

State of Palestine

Maya Dalloul

I'm currently working as Legal Professional with the"Information, Counselling and Legal Assistance"(ICLA)program with the Norwegian Refugee Council in Jordan, taking the lead in drafting ICLA legal and technical guidance,and in conducting legal researches and trainings for staff and external stakeholders.Before joining Jordan team in November 2017,I worked with NRC-ICLA program in Lebanon for 3 years where I highly developed a rich experience in the field work and I had the opportunity to take the lead in supervising ICLA lawyers and establishing ICLA's legal work in different areas to support Syrian refugees.My legal background and professional experience,and my passion for human rights and their protection, and my belief that everyone of us has a humanitarian imperative to provide assistance whenever is needed encourages me to join the network and get the opportunity to be part of the network's learning exchange initiatives.


Miradije Hodza

Human Rights lawyer with extensive experience in international legal practice, research, advocacy and capacity building. Currently heading Norwegian Refugee Council legal aid programme in Ukraine.


Mohamed Dek

I'm Mohamed Dek, Hanad is my well-known nickname ,30 years old man, born in Mugadisho 1988, just 2 year before somali civil war, my family has suffered SGBV, inhuman actions and killing from armed clan forces, I lost my oldest beloved sister that act in 1992, we fled to Ethiopia, started my education from Primary school to the University in Jigjiga and addis ababa respectively, Graduated school of law and politics, during my I was working to support somali Refugee women as Amharic translation to defend their right in between police and refugees and also in between Bole woreda Court and somali Community, then court offered me as Legal intern in 2010 till my Graduation in 2012. I came back to Somalia to work and support my displaced, returnee, vulnerable ones and those in need in legal and humanitarian worker, started to work with Norwegian Refugee Council in 2013 as protection project assistant, then after 6 months , ICLA Project assistant in 2014 and Project officer in 2015-2017 De


Mohamed Hassan

Mohamed is Humanitarian worked based in Somalia, he has been working with national and international agencies for the past 7 years especially for the protection, health, and livelihood and currently working with Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) as Information, Counselling legal assistance (ICLA) project officer in Galkacyo Somalia. Joining this tremendous team will contribute much in my knowledge and experience of humanitarian work and specifically assisting vulnerable people in getting required legal information about their lands, houses, and properties.


Murad Yagan

I'm a Technical Legal Officer in the NRC in Jordan, I'm a Jordanian Lawyer.


Obaida Ibrahim

I am currently working as Information Counselling and Legal Assistance (ICLA) Coordinator with Norwegian Refugee Council ( NRC); in this role, I have responsibility for the entire ICLA department in the Irbid area ( north of Jordan, 80 KM away from Amman). The ICLA Irbid team consisting of 2 team leaders, two technical legal officers, 17 case managers, and over 30 volunteers. In my current role, minoring the quality of the provided services, and dealing with both partners and NRC contracted lawyers. Also, I worked with ICLA Iraq team in short time mission that focused on building capacity for the team in Mosul. I supported the team to redefine the role of the non-legal staff in Iraq, and Improve access to people by creating creative ways to reach the community through a network of volunteers. Moreover, I contribute to Build new tools for the team to collect and analyse data, using KOBO and office 365. In addition to that, I participated in the start-up of the ICLA- Mines Advisory Group(MAG) project in Iraq. I supported Iraq's advocacy team and working with them on the birth registration barriers for the children who perceived as ISIS-Affiliated. I have served ICLA in different locations ( Jordan and Iraq) in different capacities, which gave me excellent technical knowledge and management experience. Best Obaida


Okoye Chukwuemeka Uzoma

I am a passionate Lawyer with over six years cognate experience which cuts across Human Rights Law, Litigation, Conveyancing Law, Military Law, Corporate Practice and humanitarian protection sector focusing on Civil and identity documentation rights, Housing Land and Property (HLP) rights and Collaborative Dispute Resolution(CDR). I possess excellent administration skills. I currently work as a Project Officer and actively ensure proper reporting, coordination, and implementation of various project activities in Maiduguri, North-East Nigeria which includes NMFA, SIDA, UNHCR, DFID, ECHO, GAC, and EUTF. I am proficient in Project Cycle and Project management and also a specialist in Housing Land and Property (HLP) Rights, peacebuilding, civil documentation, and Identity documentation. I am an excellent trainer and have facilitated training for community leaders and government stakeholders on Housing Land and Property Rights (HLP) and Collaborative Dispute Resolution (CDR) geared towards building resilience and peaceful existence amongst displacement affected population of North-East Nigeria. I am implementing legal assistance programs on Housing Land and Property (HLP) through the facilitation of free tenancy agreements, information sessions, community forums, and Advocacy events. I am passionate about birth certificates and National Identity cards availability and accessibility to the displaced population of North-East Nigeria. I currently assist Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) to claim and exercise their right to Legal Identity and Civil documentation.


Rooh ul Amin safi

i am a master degree holder in finance and currently working with NRC afghnistan as a finance assistant and the purpose of joining of this network to learn more about varoius humanittian issues.


Sabal Al nasser

A Jordanian practicing lawyer searching for an opportunity to enhance the rule of law in my country, to be a leader in the legal field and develop lawyer's career


Tiffany Henderson

I am a Project Manager for the Norwegian Refugee Council based in Irid, Jordan. I work with a team that provides information, counselling and legal assistance to vulnerable Syrian refugees in Jordan. I look forward to gaining further knowledge and insight into legal empowerment work being done globally.


Winfred Kabatabaazi

I am a female Ugandan, with a legal and social work background LLB, LLM (Public International Law, Univ of Oslo), Bachelors (Hons) in Social Work. Working in the Information Counselling and Legal Assistance ICLA programme with NRC for the urban response. Key thematic areas include Housing Land and Property rights (HLP), Legal identity including civil documentation and registration, Employment law and procedures and Refugee Status, legal residency and immigration We defend the right to a safe home and freedom from forced evictions, with a key focus on Women HLP rights. Looking to learn from experiences and ideas and new innovations from other countries and colleagues in these issues. Many thanks!!