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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Joined November 2017

Nossas is an activism laboratory that creates new forms of civic and political engagement- articulating citizens in networks and serving them with opportunities for action.

Presence in: Brazil
Focus: Access to Information, Economic Empowerment, Gender-based violence, Governance, Other, Women's Rights

Nossas is a women-led laboratory for civic engagement and activism in Latin America that develops methodology and technology to equip young citizens to impact policy making. As a laboratory, Nossas has designed, developed and maintained projects on social demands since 2011. These projects has mobilized over 500,000 people, using a wide variety of custom and internally built tactics including direct email pressuring on decision makers, live monitoring of threatened infrastructure, a platform for collaborative bill writing and a chatbot used to spread information on the advancing of legislation. Nossas projects covers a wide range of themes relevant to the Brazilian social dynamics. Initially the organization’s focus was on cities as a territory for political engagement. Meu Rio was the pilot project and led to its replication in São Paulo and Recife, with Minha Sampa and Meu Recife. With an increase in the wave of police abuse, Nossas developed DefeZap. On the front-line of women’s rights Beta, a feminist chatbot and Mapa do Acolhimento were designed. Nossas also develops technology in-house to allow an easier engagement of other initiatives through a custom-made, activist-focused, accessible product, named BONDE.

People Associated With This Organization

Guilherme Pimentel

Joined November 2017
Interests: Access to Information, Corruption, Education, Generalist Legal Services, Governance, Labor & Employment, Other
Guilherme Pimentel is DefeZap’s coordinator, the project that he conceived and articulated amongst Rio de Janeiro’s civil society- a tool capable of orienting citizens on how to defend themselves from State’s violence guaranteeing that proofs of violations committed by public officials reached agencies of control. Pimentel is a journalist and holds a degree in Law by UERJ, where he began his studies on criminality and engaged on the human rights movement. He has worked at the Human Rights Commission at ALERJ organizing the public discussions on relevant themes and conducting researches in order to further contextualize the cases the Commission dealt with. The most renowned case under his supervision was the disappearance of Amarildo at favela da Rocinha in 2013. Pimentel joined Nossas in 2014 and began the development of DefeZap, after two years of interviews and research with specialists, DefeZap was launched in May 2016.
Guilherme Pimentel is the network champion (main point of contact) for Nossas.

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