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Organization for the Development of People (ODP)

Mysore, India
Joined July 2012
Presence in: India

About ODP: ODP is a voluntary, non- profit organization established on 4th January 1984. ODP is the formal name of the Mysore Diocesan Social Service Society registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act. The organization is aiming to develop and strengthen under-privileged people through a participatory approach, by organizing community-based people’s groups to become self managed and self-reliant, for better livelihood security. ODP believes that “CHANGE is PROGRESS” and ODP is working through peoples groups and implementing various development interventions to bring about this change. ODP is presently working in the 4 districts of Mysore, Mandya, Chamarajanagar and Kodagu – covering 477 villages and 89 rural towns / slums – in 202 Panchayats of 18 taluks.


The legal identity of ODP remains as a Non-profit organization registered under society registration act 1960. Considering the internal strengths and the external opportunities ODP will strive to continue/develop its identity in the future as:
1. Implementing organization: With the years of experience, expertise, credibility, recognition that ODP has gained through implementation of various development projects at the grass root level, it has created a strong base and an identity as an implementing organization and hence, would continue with its role of an implementing organization and will continue to facilitate community development initiatives directly with the community.
2. Capacity Building Organization: By being an implementing organization for years, ODP has gained concrete hold on the techniques of addressing various development issues and thus has immense potential to transfer the know-how and skill which they possess through their experience in the sector. During the past few years ODP has already started providing support to other organizations for their capacity enhancement, through its different departments. Many NGOs, government and other agencies has sought assistance from ODP to build their own capacities. With this opportunity/demand, backed by vast experience and credibility ODP now will concretely plan to get recognized as “Capacity building institution” as well.
To achieve this, the organization will establish a separate division within the organization and will develop and hire experts on various issues/themes. ODP possess enough infrastructure to organize different events for capacity building of other organization. ODP will have propose and mobilize projects for capacity building and will also generate revenue through service provided by organization.
3. Nodal Agency : ODP is recognized as a credible organization in the area and thus has been assigned the role of Nodal agency for government and other agencies. ODP would continue with the role of being Nodal agency for government and other agencies and also take up new offers.
4. Advocacy and Lobbying : Unlike the past, now India is considered to be a strong global economy and thus possess the capacity and resources to fulfill its responsibility towards the citizens of the country. Considering this contextual change ODP would strive to work toward making the government more accountable and responsible towards the nation. ODP in the coming years will involve itself in influencing government policies/decisions making bodies/implementer and make them responsible and accountable. ODP will capitalize its major strength of the People’s Organization through awakening, organizing and capacitating them for People Centered Advocacy

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