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Hailemichael Dadi

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1. Public Service College of Oromia was first established as a short-term training center in the southwest Shewa Zone, Woliso town on November 10, 1988, E.C.
2. In September 1989, relocate the training center from Weliso to the town of Tatek and in the same year, moved the training center to the town of Batu.
3. In a meeting later held on 4th March 1992 E.C, the regional state named the training center Oromia Management Institute, by proclamation No.33/92 of the Oromia Regional State Government.
4. The institute was mainly devoted to conducting short-term training and provision of consultancy services.
5. Oromia Regional State Assembly held on 3rd November 1996 E.C, passed a decision to scale up the institute to a college level, and consequently named it Public Service College of Oromia.
6. In 2005 the college launched education delivery programs at college diploma level in five fields of studies
7. From 2005-2014, the college graduated more than 23,000 at a college diploma level.
8. In the year 2008, after obtaining full accreditation from Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency (HERQA) to offer undergraduate degree programs in the weekend, extension and distance learning modes of delivery, the college graduated more than 2125 students at undergraduate degree level.
9. Currently, including regular intake, more than 14,000 students are attending their studies in different modalities ranging from regular to distance learning.
10. The college has 31 distance and weekend studies education coordination offices at every zonal administration center in the Oromia Regional State and is offering needs-based education in 8 undergraduate fields of studies.

11. Human Resource Development and Organizational Development are the major strategic themes or pillars of excellence of the Human Resource Development and Organizational Development are the major strategic themes or pillars of excellence of the University.




Hailemichael Dadi

Name: Hailemichael Dadi MA in Development Studies (Governance, Democracy, and Development) Lecturer at the Department of Governance and Development Management, Oromia State University I am looking for joining the network to share my professional attainment for my fellows, and share professional experiences from the world-class professionals.


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