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Palawan NGO Network, Inc. (PNNI)

Puerto Princesa, Philippines
Joined December 2016
Presence in: Philippines

A dynamic NGO and PO network with an effective program on sustainable development.

A self reliant society that upholds social justice, genuine citizens’ participation, effective resource management and a better quality of life for all.

To enable poor and marginalized sectors to sustainably manage the natural resources of Palawan, while actively participating in local governance.

PNNI will work towards the sustainable development (balancing of the use and preservation/protection of Palawan’s natural resources) and recognize that local communities play a major role in the management of resources. Any development measure that will not promote sustainable development will not be tolerated.

Access to Palawan’s natural resources will be democratized in favor of the marginalized sectors of Palawan’s society (small scale fisherfolks, indigenous peoples, small farmers, urban poor and women).

PNNI will work for the empowerment (political, economic and technical) towards effective and genuine participation of the local communities in the development process.