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Palestinian Initiative for Supporting Students (ESNAD)

Ramallah, State of Palestine
Joined November 2017

In education and youth empowerment field, we are a non-profit organization working in many various fields such as education, equality and fighting poverty through different programs

Presence in: State of Palestine
Focus: Education

ESNAD is non- profit initiative  seeks to fight poverty through education (student to student approach),also it seeks to support youth empowerment through different programs that encourage youth participation in community.

ESNAD’s programs:

  • From student to Student:this program was the seed that helped ESNAD to grow;since the idea of ESNAD begins with this program.It encourages continuing high education in universities by offering scholarships to underprivileged students in Palestinian community,in return every student who gets the scholarship has to volunteer with 4-5 needy,poor school students in their tuition,to help them to improve their academic records.So it helps in improving university students’ skills,such as time management, breaking the ice of shyness to many students,and empower the volunteerism concept for them.  440 university students and 7400 school students benefited from this program.
  • Success in a Changing World:  this program is self empowerment, motivational and social change. It has three main segments: firstly,self empowerment to improve and strengthen self-confidence for the youth also increase the sense of responsibility towards their future,social life and their community.Secondly,how volunteerism and civic engagement can affect the community.The third segment helps the youth to design and implement initiatives toward better understanding for their community, and power relations and institutional nature of societies.
  • Volunteer can:  this program focuses on last year students and fresh graduate students,it aims to make the volunteerism idea wider and more desirable for the students,so it helps students to volunteer in business market according to their major of study,also it increases their chances to find a job in the market.The other part of the program is to teach the companies and organization how to deal with these volunteers and how to manage the volunteerism process.

People Associated With This Organization

Aseel Jomaa

State of Palestine  
Palestinian Initiative for Supporting...
Joined November 2017
Interests: Education
I am a fundraising officer at Palestinian Initiative for Supporting Students (ESNAD)
Aseel Jomaa is the network champion (main point of contact) for Palestinian Initiative for Supporting Students (ESNAD).

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