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Peace Land Organization

idleb, Syria
Joined June 2022

The Peace Land organization works on spreading the concepts of human rights, democracy, civil and institutional work, and rejecting violence and extremism of all kinds. Creating the appropriate cond

Presence in: Syria
Focus: Citizenship & Identification, Environmental Justice, Peace-building & Transitional Justice

rate us:
Transparency: We are committed to the values ​​of integrity and principles of transparency in the targeted communities.
Impartiality: We adhere to our work within ethical standards and apply these standards impartially to all people. We help all those who need help without regard to their nationality, beliefs, gender or political leanings.
Ambition: Justice and Accountability: We are aware of our moral duty and take on the responsibility to use our resources efficiently to disclose estimated results that are transparent and accountable to our supporters, partners and most importantly to the people.
Integrity and credibility : We take good care of our sources and we pledge and strive to the highest standards of personal integrity, sound moral behavior and fairness in everything we do. and our international principles and humanitarian standards in our work with people.
Our goals:
1 – Spreading the concepts of human rights and democracy, spreading a culture of non-violence and resolving conflicts by peaceful means through dialogue.

2 – Empowering women and working to achieve gender equality and enhance freedoms in society.

3 – Empowering youth, building their capabilities, embracing and developing their talents, and giving them a role to engage in society.

4 – Developing the educational sector to reach a scientifically integrated society.

5 – Consolidating cooperation and joint action between civil society organizations and activating the role of dignitaries to enhance social cohesion and not to dismantle the fabric of Syrian society.

6- Responding to the community’s needs of services and health care.

7 – Empowering youth economically and providing a decent livelihood for civilians (and maintaining food security).

8 – Increasing the youth participation rate to ensure their political rights and enable them to take the initiative.

Our vision:
Access to a secure and developed society capable of building a civilized state.

People Associated With This Organization

Ahmad Jaddou

Peace Land Organization
Joined June 2022
Interests: Citizenship & Identification, Environmental Justice, Women's Rights
Ahmed Al-Jdou'
(Syrian activist and academic and previously worked in the legal field)
He studied secondary school in the city of Kafr Zita and obtained a law degree from Aleppo University in 2001
International training courses in Turkey, Switzerland and Syria (international arbitration course in Turkey and Switzerland in the work of the rules of international law special abilities and leadership
He entered the field of humanitarian work with humanitarian organizations in central Syria, where he worked as a volunteer with organizations and associations, including Green Hands and Seeds of Hope. She also participated in the establishment of the Shamna Humanitarian Association, the Humanitarian Works Authority - Rawafed -

Trainer in legal empowerment, political empowerment, conflict resolution, internal governance, and human rights leaders
Ahmad Jaddou is the network champion (main point of contact) for Peace Land Organization.

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