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Shom Prasad Luitel

Added on: May 09, 2018

Last Updated: Aug 06, 2019

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People Forum is a lawyer organization in Nepal working in following areas * Free legal aid and Paralegal service * PIL * Legal empowerment * Paralegal training * Legal advocacy *Safe migration

People Forum for Human Right (People Forum) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established for the protection of human rights and promotion of rule of law in Nepal. Since its establishment in 2003, it has been working to provide free legal aid service, advocacy and lobbying for policy reformation and generating awareness at the community level through training, workshops and interaction programs. It has been conducting several types of research and programs in the field of migration.

People Forum has unique experience in the field of legal aid, legal empowerment and policy advocacy, particularly in the issue of migration. Since its establishment People Forum has been providing free legal aid services to the people who do not have the capacity to hire lawyers. Since 2005, People Forum has built strategy to focus its intervention on labour migration and has been providing free legal aid services to migrant workers.

The prime goal of the organization is to ensure human rights of the Nepalese and strengthen rule of law in the country.


Prakriti Karki

I am Prakriti karki from kathmandu, Nepal. I am currently doing my L.L.M in Human rights and Gender Justice,at Kathmandu School of law,one of the reputed institution of Nepal. I hold license for law practices with interest in advancing my career in human right and development sectors.I am interested in the issues of human rights violations, particularly in the South Asian region. I am currently engaged in People Forum for Human rights in the capacity of legal aid officer. The major responsibility I carry is to provide legal aid to the victims of foreign employment migration. In addition to this, I carry out the research in regard to the situation of foreign employment and rights of migrant workers. Joining the network, I am looking up to making the voice of our organization heard in the large platform enabling more people or victims to know about the organization work. Hence, the network can help make "Justice to migrant worker" possible in more convenient way.


Sabnam Awal

As a registered lawyer in Nepal and Senior Legal Aid Officer at People Forum, I am serving and focusing to provide wider access to justice for migrant workers and their families in cases like death of migrant workers in the destination countries, non-payment or under payment of salary, fraudulent cases on migration process and there comes my responsibilities. Besides that, I have to give facilitation services for claim on compensation, unfair penalties legal and allegations, regardless of their documentation status once they are rescued or reported to organization. In this course my daily routine begin with the follow up of the pending cases, legal counselling to the running cases which may extend up to preparing documents, filing cases at designed courts or tribunals, contact with recruiting agencies, advocacy. Similarly, I have to see the directives and policies brought by the concern ministries and offices more often have to work with the publication of the case compilation, Information booklet regarding various right based approach and human rights concern. Engaged learning have been one of influential method of learning. The network is one of outstanding way of engaged learning. Continuous interaction among the fellow counterparts and experts in the subject matters which will continue with sharing of ideas, activities of learning and observing the human right situation. Besides, direct interaction with the people with different experiences will be most remarkable part for me to learn. I have continuously been trying to learn both technical and theoretical know how about broadly about human rights and my participation in this well-regarded network is supposed to be milestone for enhancing knowledge and capacity development.


Shom Prasad Luitel

1. People forum is lawyer organization working in following areas * Free legal aid and Paralegal service *PIL *Legal empowerment *Paralegal training * Legal advocacy *Safe migration