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PIFEVA(Pilier aux Femmes Vulnérables Actives en RD Congo)

PIFEVA (Pillar to Vulnerable Women Active in DR Congo) is a Congolese NGO supporting women and local communities against poverty and injustice created on June 04, 2004 in Bukavu in a context characterized by repeated wars, widespread poverty , malnutrition and hunger, climate change, violence against women, discrimination against indigenous women and girls in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

It all started from the most common example in Kivu: “a banana tree in charge of its production, of its leaves but unfortunately threatened by enormous bad weather (strong wind, soil infertility, erosion …)”. In such circumstances, a tree pillar is used to support the banana tree, protect it and prevent it from falling with all its production.

PIFEVA will situate women, young girls and vulnerable and indigenous children in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the face of the violence and the precarious livelihoods of these vulnerable groups. the function of a humanitarian and development pillar for indigenous and vulnerable women in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

With the help of well-trained and experienced staff, PIFEVA has specialized and distinguished itself for more than a decade in the promotion of the rights of indigenous women and other marginalized women, gender and female leadership, the fight against violence. and gender-based, sexual and reproductive health, literacy, socio-professional and economic reintegration of women and young people in vulnerable situations, food security, the implementation of climate change mitigation and adaptation actions , the restoration and rational management of biodiversity by women as well as in the support of local communities in transformation of conflicts, in a perspective of fight against poverty and injustice in South Kivu in DR Congo.