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Plumbers Association of Zambia (PAZA)

Plumbers Association of Zambia (PAZA) is the registered Association in Zambia looking after the welfare of the vulnerable people in the community and also upholding the professionalism in Plumbing

Presence in: Zambia
Focus: Education, Environmental Justice, Health, Housing Rights & Informal Settlements, Labor & Employment, Other, Women's Rights

The Plumbers Association of Zambia (PAZA) is an association run by the combination group of experts in Plumbing and Water Supply,Sanitation and Hygiene  Industry in Zambia.It was registered on 14th, February 2020 .This organisation is under the umbrella of the government ministry of  Ministry of Water Sanitation and Hygiene.

Plumbers Association of Zambia look after the welfare of the vulnerable people in the community,upholding the professionalism of plumbers.

Four Pillars framework of the Plumbing Industry

  1. Participation
  2. Practices
  3. Products
  4. Protection. The fourth pillar is a successful,stable for protection-for the consumers, practitioners and  the community as a whole. The first three pillars are about avoiding negative outcome for consumers or the public as a result of poor quality or inadequate plumbing and water sanitation works.

The mandate of the Association is to ensure that, plumbing industry  be at the forefront of humanity’s capacity to adapt to climate change; we need more support.If Plumbing is going to be the catalyst for the liberating of millions of people from a state of “water poverty,” we  need more support and more trained and qualified plumbers in the latest techniques, products and installation.

The Association is very much  concern on water quality;  support from donor is vital,so that we continue to provide water,sanitation and hygiene(WaSH) services to undeserved populations and communities in Zambia and promote the following areas:

  1. Vocational Education and Training development
  2. Women Empowerment
  3. Codes and Standards
  4. Public Health awareness and other outreach activities that support the sustainable delivery of WaSH services in Zambia.

The organisation is on the principles of governing its cooperation with other partners globally  willing to work with PAZA for the benefit of the community of Zambia by achieving synergies in the delivery of services and by improving current conditions pertaining to water sanitation.

People Associated With This Organization

Moses Chongo Mutumpa

Plumbers Association of Zambia (PAZA)
Joined November 2019
Interests: Community / Customary Land Rights, Education, Housing Rights & Informal Settlements, Other
My name is Moses Chongo M.
I am a Zambian and a Plumber by professional and currently I am working as a Lecturer in Plumbing and sheet metal and also Water supply technology.

My journey started in 2004 when I joined Plumbing College in Zambia I did my Craft Certificate in Plumbing as the Highest Plumbing qualification in Zambia. And in 2006I joined Ministry of General Education as a District Plumber and I was recognized as one of the facilitators in Rural Water Sanitation Program and in 2008 I joined the International Construction company American based company came to construct American Embassy in Zambia and I worked with this company for two years.

In 2012-2013,I joined Teachers Technical College and I completed. Currently I am a Lecturer teaching Plumbing.

My passion is to work with people and help the vulnerable people in the society, and because of this,I decided to form my organisation called PLUMBERS ASSOCIATION OF ZAMBIA -PAZA,this organisation is Non-profit making organisation which is only depending on other wishers to fund us.

PAZA is the Association with more than 180 members and it is still growing because, we want to explore country and help the community especially in Water Sanitation Health education and also working with the government and other government organisations.

Our organisation is also looking into education by educating young people Plumbing skills ,water operation and supply and other related skills.

It is now my hope that I can work with NAMATI by empowering and innovating people for future generation.
Moses Chongo Mutumpa is the network champion (main point of contact) for Plumbers Association of Zambia (PAZA).

Please contact to report outdated information or to ask a question about this profile.