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Rainbow Family Support Alliance

Kampala, Uganda
Joined March 2023

Rainbow Family Support Alliance is an 8 years old LGBT organization that strives to create supportive families for LGBT people in Uganda.

Presence in: Uganda
Focus: Family, LGBTQI+ Rights

What is Rainbow Family Support Alliance (RFSA-Uganda)?

It is a 8 years old, fully registered, LGBT founded and LGBT led, non-government organization that strives to create supportive families for LGBT people through undoing discrimination and torture of LGBT people within families, provide support to LGBT victims of family torture and banishment and their allies, and promote families started by LGBT people

Vision of RFSA-Uganda is

One day, families shall embrace LGBT people, and LGBT people shall have legally accepted, well-established, closely-knit, and loving families of their own


The Mission of RFSA-Uganda is

To create supportive families for LGBT people and uphold families started by LGBT people through working with allies on activities that support, educate, and advocate for these families.