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Refugee Solidarity Network

Brooklyn, United States
Joined March 2018

RSN seeks to protect and expand refugee rights while supporting civil society in refugee host states. We do so by building capacity, research and advocacy, and awareness-raising.

Presence in: Turkey, United States
Focus: Citizenship & Identification, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Other, Right to Information

From RSN’s launch in 2014, we have focused our attention on one of the world’s most significant host countries of refugees: Turkey. RSN supports and works together with leading national NGO Refugee Rights Turkey (RRT) to provide free-of-charge legal assistance for refugees and to cultivate a rights-based response at the national level. We mobilize resources from the US to boost RRT’s capacity and connect advocates between the countries, while promoting pro bono partnerships among the Turkish legal field. We have recently expanded such efforts to neighboring countries in the Mediterranean region.

Channeling these experiences from the field, RSN advocates in global forums to increase protection and opportunities for refugees around the world. We also work to raise awareness of American audiences to understand the importance of refugee rights.

Our work occurs at the intersection of humanitarian assistance, migration, and development, and seeks to take a constructive approach at a most challenging time.

People Associated With This Organization

Sierra Kraft

United States  
Refugee Solidarity Network
Joined April 2018
Hi everyone, my name is Sierra and I am the Operations Manager at Refugee Solidarity Network (, a nonprofit that works to expand and protect the rights of refugees across the globe by supporting local legal organizations in refugee host countries. I'm excited to be part of this network!

Zaid Hydari

United States  
Refugee Solidarity Network
Joined March 2018
I became a lawyer knowing fully well that the law has not served the interests of marginalized communities and has been used as a tool to exclude and further disenfranchise many. However, I recognized the strength and potential of the law and legal education, training, and understanding. This lead me to contribute to various public interest causes in the US, as well in Malawi, Cambodia, and elsewhere.

My career has focused primarily on refugee law. I have delivered direct services to hundreds of asylum-seekers and been active in building capacity of civil society in Turkey and more recently in Bulgaria and Greece. The organization I co-founded and now run, Refugee Solidarity Network, is equally focused on expanding refugee rights as it is building indigenous movements in refugee host countries and exploring empowerment models for refugees.

As the discourse towards and around forced displacement continues to evolve, I am interested in the challenges and successes that advocates are experiencing in different settings, in relation to refugee rights but also more broadly in the way of legal awareness and national capacities.
Zaid Hydari is the network champion (main point of contact) for Refugee Solidarity Network.

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