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Rose of Sharon Foundation

Rose of Sharon Foundation is a registered non-profit organization that works across Nigeria. Our mission is to provide education, financial independence and legal empowerment to widows and orphans.

Presence in: Nigeria
Focus: Children's Rights, Community Organizing, Education, Environmental Justice, Health, Policy Advocacy, Women's Rights

The Rose of Sharon Foundation (RoSF) is a registered non-profit organization domiciled in Lagos with official presence and work that cuts across all geopolitical zones in Nigeria. Our vision is to provide help and succour to widows and orphans across the nation. Our mission is to guarantee financial independence, educational opportunities, and protection of the rights of widows and orphans through legal empowerment and programs that assure greater self-esteem and ease of socio-economic integration. Our values are Love and Compassion, Obedience to God’s call, Long Term Commitment, Respect for Every Individual, Partnership, Teamwork, Integrity, and Accountability. Our programs/activities include:  Widowhood Rights Project that provides community education on women’s rights, legal empowerment services and policy advocacy; Educational Project that provides a scholarship scheme targeted towards empowering widows, their’ children and orphans academically; Women Empowerment Program that gives economic empowerment, agri-business/financial support, micro-credit scheme and interest-free loans, psychosocial intervention, shelter and life support services; Youth Empowerment Program that gives training for youth employability; Mentoring Program for women and youths; Community Cluster Program for community organizing, education and capacity building for community support structure for the development and welfare of women; International Widows Day Program to showcase experiences of widows to a wide range of stakeholders, celebrate and teach widows and network; Widows and Orphans Healthcare Program that provides structured biannual health interventions.

People Associated With This Organization

Ndudi Bowei

Rose of Sharon Foundation
Joined August 2022
Interests: Community Organizing, Education, Environmental Justice, Financial Sustainability & Fundraising, Health, Housing Rights & Informal Settlements, Legal Aid & Public Interest Law, Policy Advocacy, Women's Rights
I am a lawyer by profession. I have a Masters degree in Law and a PhD in Management from Walden University USA. I have engaged in legal advisory, legal empowerment and civil litigation for over 20years supporting individuals and groups. My core competence is in non-profit management, resource mobilization, capacity building, program development and implementation, women's rights activism, policy advocacy, women's health and human rights, facilitating events and humanitarian services, class action and public interest litigation for social and economic rights that affect vulnerable populations, such as the rights of women and girls, gender and climate justice. I am currently the country manager for the Rose of Sharon Foundation in Nigeria and I am responsible for setting strategic direction, creating innovative programs and implementation, overall programs supervision, evaluation and quality assurance, legal advisory, legal programming and legal empowerment, and promoting women's rights to health. By joining this network, I hope to meet legal practitioners around the globe, network with them and like-minded individuals, especially legal professionals who are working to empower people with the law, especially on women issues, to share experiences and learn from diverse perspectives on standard legal empowerment practice. I also hope to, access practical resources, and join international learning exchanges that can positively impact my work and competence.
Ndudi Bowei is the network champion (main point of contact) for Rose of Sharon Foundation.

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