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Rwanda Good Governance Promotion and Youth Development Organization

Eastern Province_Nyamata, Rwanda
Joined January 2022

In 3 districts . it has as mission: "Strengthening good goverance,democracy and youth development".Programs.Democracy&Governance,Human rights,Citizen participation,SRHR,...

Presence in: Rwanda
Focus: Gender-based violence, Generalist Legal Services, Governance, Accountability & Transparency

Rwanda Good Governance Promotion and Youth Development Organization (RGPYD) is a Local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that was created on May 25, 2012. RGPYD is regulated by the Law n0 04/2012 of 17th February governing the functioning of FBOs and CSOs.

RGPYD has the mission of Strengthening good governance, democracy and youth development. RGPYD achieves its objectives by working with a network of Student-Led Good Governance Clubs it has established at Secondary Schools, Higher Learning Institutions, Universities and Sector levels.

Today, Rwanda Good Governance Promotion and Youth Development Organization (RGPYD) in partnership with Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) has created sixty (60) Governance Clubs, amongst them,fourty five(45) have been created in Higher Learning Institutions and Universities whereas fifteen (15) have been so far created in Secondary schools as we look forward to create other at the level of Sectors.

In brief, the mission of RGPYD is articulated in the following objectives:

  • Sensitizing Rwandan population as well Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights
  • Develop Human Rights;
  • Enhance agriculture and nutrition mobile school;
  • Mobilize Rwandan population for inclusive governance and quality service delivery

RGPYD has the following programs: Democracy &Governance,Human Rights,Citizen Participation,SRHR,Women and Youth Economic Empowerment,Access to water and sanitation,Agriculture &Nutrition mibile school and Envirorment Protection.

People Associated With This Organization


Rwanda Good Governance Promotion and...
Joined January 2022
Interests: Gender-based violence, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Legal Aid & Public Interest Law
My name is NIYIBIGIRA Come, Chief Executive Secretary at Rwanda Good Governance Promotion and Youth Development Organization (RGPD). Since i was at University, promoting proximity justice was one of my passion, I was at that time a very active member of the Network of Lawyers of Hope Rwanda (LoH),I led the student ministry at the University,after University studies,i delivered probono services at Lawyers of hope where we used to provide legal aid services specifically in the remote areas where people had problems to access to justice because there is no advocate/legal aid service provider who can give them legal advice,refferal service or legal representation. For to consecutive terms,i served Lawyers of Hope as Secretary General in the board of Directors,this position enabled me to empower commmunities with justice skills,training Child Protection Committees (CPCs),Faith leaders,... For three consecutive Years,i worked for Haguruka where i have been leading USAID_Duteze Imbere Ubutabera Program that have been operating its activities in all four provinces of the country and city of Kigali. Through this program,i orgnized different activities aiming at empowering 420 paralegals,and 90 staff members of MAJ(Maison d'Acces a la Justice)carrying their activities accross the Country. I orgnized 148 sessions of legal aid througn mobile legal clinics and served reached out arour 5000 vulnerable people from 74 sectors of districts of the program implementation. We conducted also 148 community dialogue sessions on legal rights in same sectors where we reached out around 36,000 community members. We represented before courts of law 420 GBV victims in a period of 36 month and have organized different trainings gathering almost all actors in the domain of legal aid service provision including Supreme court Judges and Registrars. In the organization that i am leading today as Chief Executive Secretary,we have among our programs human rights development. Through this program,we are determined to put much focus on raising community awareness on legal rights,empowering local leaders with skills to mobilize people for their rights, conducting community dialogues for legal rights awareness, enhancing the provision of legal aid services through mobile legal clinics as well as legal representation of vulnerable people before courts of law. Joining this network constitutes a very huge accasion for me and my organization because it shall constitute a great platform to exchange about my experience,lessons learnt ,challenges we encountered and ways out. It will be also a great opportunity to get new skills to empower communities on their legal rights on one side and leverage our capacities on legal rights advocacy.
Come NIYIBIGIRA is the network champion (main point of contact) for Rwanda Good Governance Promotion and Youth Development Organization.

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