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Social Change Assistance Trust

Cape Town, South Africa
Joined December 2018

I am a program that work with rural community-based organisations focused on access to justice and or social justice. My work involves mentoring and support through fieldwork and capacity building.

Presence in: South Africa
Focus: Other

SCAT’s focus is on the promotion of social justice through access to justice, gender equality, local economic development and youth empowerment.

SCAT has a long track record of funding community based advice offices. These organisations provide a paralegal service to communities where access to information is limited and service delivery is poor. Access to justice is a basic human right. All people should have access to information and an agency which works on their behalf to ensure that their rights are protected.

In South Africa paralegals are often the poor helping the poor. Lack of funding and a sustainable source of income means that paralegals are not adequately rewarded for the service they provide to their community. Scat ensures that through a small core grant the running costs of the office are covered and the doors remain open. We work closely with Nadcao and ACAOSA to promote the access to justice agenda at the highest levels in government.

The SCAT model relies on active citizenship. Active citizens mould their own future, and are not passive recipients of government-sponsored development. A bottom-up, people-centred development approach is embraced by SCAT. Another key element in our approach is building the status of women in communities and the development of youth through the experience of running, and working in beneficiary organisations.