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Society for Human and Ecological Security

Baguio, Philippines
Joined June 2016
Presence in: Philippines
Focus: Citizenship, Community / Customary Land Rights, Corruption, Criminal Justice, Economic Empowerment, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Governance, Health, Labor & Employment, Peace-building, Traditional / Customary Justice

The Society for Human and Ecological Security (SHES)

SHES is a network of NGOs and CSOs working collaboratively on issues and problems around human and ecological security.

It’s mission is basically to help unleash the power of the people lying idly within themselves to be able to respond sustainably and effectively to issues and problems that continue to keep them discriminated, oppressed, marginalized, excluded, voiceless and powerless.

People Associated With This Organization

Eleuterio Layog

Society for Human and Ecological...
Joined June 2016
Interests: Criminal Justice, Economic Empowerment, Education, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Governance, Health, Labor & Employment, Peace-building, Traditional / Customary Justice
I started being involved in human rights work some 25 years ago while I was still in the university. I continued to be involved in the same in many forms and in many ways until today.

I have chosen to work with the most excluded, most vulnerable, most persecuted and most oppressed members of society. This includes among others the sex workers, the lgbt community, children and young people in very difficult circumstance, old people who are left with no support and living in poverty, women victims of all sorts of violence, etc.

My activism is not only limited to human rights. I am also very much involved in the works for gender justice, environmental defense, restoring to the people the power of governance and promoting peace.

I have founded several organizations to help carry on the needed work. The Society for Human and Ecological Sevurity (SHES) - a network of several NGOs, Rainbow Forum - a network of LBGT organizations, Philippine Sex Workers Collective - a network of sex worker organizations, the Peoples Organizations for Social Transformation (POST) - a network of peoples organizations, the Peoples Action, Children First International, Huwomanity, Youth Serve
Institute for Transformative Healt Action (ITHA) and several others.

I believe in acting locally but thinking globally if we are to respond effectively to the issues requiring us to work for the legal and political empowerment of people. Local concerns are most often also are global concerns. There is therefore a need to take action not only locally but also globally. There is a need to join our efforts. That is basically my reason for joining the network.
Eleuterio Layog is the network champion (main point of contact) for Society for Human and Ecological Security.

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