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Solidarity Center

Washington, United States
Joined June 2019

The Solidarity Center empowers men and women around the world to earn safe and dignified life. It work in more than 60 countries with 400-plus labor unions and allied organizations to support workers

Presence in: Bangladesh, South Africa, Sri Lanka, United States
Focus: Labor & Employment

The Solidarity Center is the largest U.S.-based international worker rights organization helping workers attain safe and healthy workplaces, family-supporting wages, dignity on the job and greater equity at work and in their community. Allied with the AFL-CIO, the Solidarity Center assists workers across the globe as, together, they fight discrimination, exploitation and the systems that entrench poverty—to achieve shared prosperity in the global economy.

The Solidarity Center acts on the fundamental principle that working people can, by exercising their right to freedom of association and forming trade unions and democratic worker rights organizations, collectively improve their jobs and workplaces, call on their governments to uphold laws and protect human rights, and be a force for democracy, social justice and inclusive economic development.

Founded in 1997 and allied with the U.S. labor movement, the Solidarity Center works with unions, worker associations and community groups to provide a wide range of education, training, research, legal support and other resources to help build strong and effective trade unions and more just and equitable societies. Its programs—in more than 60 countries—focus on human and worker rights awareness, union skills, occupational safety and health, economic literacy, human trafficking, women’s empowerment and bolstering workers in an increasingly informal economy. Solidarity Center programs support and contribute to the global movement for labor rights.

People Associated With This Organization

Md. Sabbir Hossain

Solidarity Center
Joined June 2019
Interests: Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Labor & Employment, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Right to Information
A passionate individual to contribute and bring a positive change and ensure social justice for the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups of the society in collaboration with Development Professions and Organizations.
Career Summary:
Being efficient in leadership and group activities, I have the opportunity to work with different NGOs, INGOs, worker rights organization, Trade Union Federations as well as voluntary Organizations which build up my experiences in Project development, Operational Plans, Project Implementation, M&E, Administration, HR management, Protection Strategy, Workers’ Right, Mainstreaming international Labour standards into laws and practice, Human Rights and Empowerment.

I have been evolved with a four years project of Solidarity Center as a Program Officer - Lawyer where we have given paralegal training to more then 60 trade union organizers/staffs who exclusively work for workers rights and in workers community. I am currently mentoring those paralegals and connect them with different lawyers whenever they need such assistance.

By joining this network I hope to learn some International good practices on trade union paralegals. There are quite a diversity of approaches and experiences that can be useful and where important lessons can be drawn from.
Md. Sabbir Hossain is the network champion (main point of contact) for Solidarity Center.

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