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Somaliland Lawyers Associations (SOLLA)

Hargeisa, Somalia
Joined August 2012
Presence in: Somalia

Somaliland lawyers association is non-political, non-profit making human right and legal professional association, which have founded by 60 professional lawyers in Jun 2004, and it’s members are standing 95% of Somaliland lawyers in all regions in Somaliland.

SOLLA as a local professional association’s mandates are the enhancing the reputation of the Somaliland lawyers, to improve the quality of their performance in service delivery, and protection of the lawyers rights and observance for their duties; the realization of access justice, fair and independent judiciary, respect of human rights and proper application of the laws. Firstly the promotion of the respect for human rights is one of the indispensable purposes of the Bar (SOLLA). Secondly the system of periodic reporting within the context of the major international human rights instruments is the Associational vital element in monitoring the full and effective national implementation of international human rights standards.

SOLLA works with the local societal groups and the government to the responsibilities and strategies towards civil protection on the observance of the human rights and fundamental freedoms of the community.

In addition, SOLLA engages a process to review the country’s existing laws and advise a process of the new legislations concerns the civil liberties and fundamental freedoms of the community, access justice and fair and independent judiciary system of Somaliland.

SOLLA provides free legal aid and access to justice program to the vulnerable groups of the community such as women, children, poor, minority and remand prisoners in all Somaliland regions such as (Hargeisa, Togdher, Sanag, Sool, Awdal and Sahil Regions), this program is supported by UNDP for last 3 years.