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Somaliland Women Lawyers Association

Hargeisa, Somalia
Joined May 2012
Presence in: Somalia

Somaliland Women’s Law Association (SWLA) is a non profit, non partisan NGO established in 2008. It is the first female lawyers’ association not only in Somaliland, but in all of Somalia.

SWLA’s objectives are:

1) Advance the itnerests of women in the legal profession and create a professionala nd social network for women lawyers

2) Improve and strengthen the accessibility of justice for women

3) Contribute to the promotion ad strengthening of the Rule of Law in Somaliland

4) Provide legal support and assistance to all disadvantaged groups

5) Promote continuing public education and awareness of women’s rights and gender issues.

SWLA currently (2012) has 54 members.

People Associated With This Organization

Weng Ladaga is the network champion (main point of contact) for Somaliland Women Lawyers Association.

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