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Soros Foundation-Moldova

Chisinau, Moldova
Joined May 2012
Presence in: Moldova

The Soros Foundation-Moldova’s mission is to promote open society values and to contribute to the democratization of the society in Moldova.

The Soros Foundation-Moldova (SFM) is a non-governmental, non-for-profit, non-partisan private organization, founded on May 29, 1992, by the financier and philanthropist George Soros. As a national foundation, we launch, operate and finance projects in various areas.  In 2014, the foundation develops and implements a range of programs and activities that address specific areas of needs including media, legal reform, good governance, civic engagement and public health.

Since 1992, SFM has served as a major private donor in the Republic of Moldova, but also as an efficient implementing agency in various projects. We have built lasting partnerships with UNDP, World Bank, DFID, Sida, Global Fund, etc.  as well as with local and central Moldovan governments.

Having an extensive experience in working with national and local NGOs, SFM has developed excellent cooperation with all active NGOs in Moldova. This undoubtedly is an asset in implementing any grant-related program.

In addition to this, the Foundation has gained extensive experience in grant making and grants management, in line with transparent financial and administrative procedures.

The Soros Foundation – Moldova does not offer charity help, support for technical or scientific projects. Grants are given only for specific projects and not just for the general support of the organization.

Over the period from 1992 to 2012, the Foundation supported a great number of initiatives in various areas implemented in-house and by non-governmental organizations, community groups, academic and cultural institutions in the amount of over 87,951,672 USD.

People Associated With This Organization

Diana Marian

Soros Foundation-Moldova
Joined December 2011

Natalia Camburian

Soros Foundation-Moldova
Joined June 2016
Interests: Access to Information, Citizenship, Education, Generalist Legal Services, Governance, Labor & Employment
I am working as a program coordinator at Soros Foundation-Moldova, Justice Program. At the moment I am coordinating the Shared Framework on Legal Empowerment project in Moldova. Open Society Foundations (OSF) has launched a new initiative on legal empowerment which aims to institutionalize responsive, accountable, credible, and financially secure systems offering nationwide and/or population-specific community-based justice services. This effort is pursued in Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Ukraine and the United States.The Soros Foundation-Moldova subscribes to the overarching aim of the shared framework on legal empowerment, focused on institutionalization and scaling up of community-based justice services to a sustainable, national level. Our approach relies on the understanding of legal empowerment as a tool sharpened to empower people to be active actors of their own development, as an instrument for strengthening the capacity of local communities, for stimulating reforms, and for keeping government accountable.
I hope that the network will share with us it's experience in the field of Legal Empowerment.

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Natalia Marcoci

Soros Foundation-Moldova
Joined June 2020
Interests: Access to Information, Corruption, Criminal Justice, Generalist Legal Services
My name is Natalia, I am working at Soros Foundation in the Republic of Moldova.

Rodica Marcinschi

Soros Foundation-Moldova
Joined June 2016
Malitia Supplet Aetatem

Sabina Cerbu

Soros Foundation-Moldova
Joined October 2017
Interests: Generalist Legal Services
I am a attorney by profession, and also involved in different project of legal empowerment: such as Strengthening the paralegal network in Moldova. Within the law firm where I conduct my activity I am also responsible in developing pro-bono policies.

Victor Munteanu

Soros Foundation-Moldova
Joined April 2017

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