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Strategic Youth Network for Development (SYND)

Strategic Youth Network for Development (SYND) is a youth-oriented non-governmental organization in Ghana which focuses primarily on deepening good environmental governance.

Presence in: Ghana
Focus: Environmental Justice, Other


To help achieve environmental sustainability through the development and active participation of young people in managing the environment through policy formulation, programs planning and implementation of projects and activities to sustain society.


  • Influencing environmental policies positively from the youth perspective
  • Assisting decision makers to planning and implementation of environmental framework, programs and projects satisfactorily
  • Working locally and nationally with area businesses, community leaders and neighbors to improve the environmental wellbeing of our community that creates cleaner and safer neighborhoods.
  • Dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future.


  1. Climate Change
  2. Biological Diversity (Biodiversity)
  3. Forestry
  4. Energy For All
  5. Gender


We address the subject of youth development by taking into consideration two important aspects – extrinsic and intrinsic factors.

Intrinsic factors suggest that we deal directly with youth as individuals through various outreach programs or initiatives. We enable youth to discover and develop their talents through several stages which are based on key leadership principles.

Extrinsic factors deals with the environment in which the youth find themselves. We provide opportunity for the youth to contribute meaningfully in decision-making processes and government policies that directly or indirectly affect them. We conduct research in various aspects concerning youth for the attention of development partners, donors, civil society organizations and governments, which are critical for global development.

People Associated With This Organization

Nii Addo

Strategic Youth Network for Development...
Joined January 2019
Interests: Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Peace-building & Transitional Justice
Nii is a citizen of Ghana, schooled and works in Ghana currently, likes traveling, sports man and always learning new things, favorite colors are Brown, White and Blue. He is passionate about environmental protection, legal justice and a voice to the voiceless. He is good at Campaigning, Organizing and Mobilizing.
Nii is an Environmental Youth Activist and a Campaign Strategist in Ghana; He is the National Climate Change Focal Person with Strategic Youth Network for Development (SYND). He served under many spectrums with Ghana Reducing Our Carbon - 350 Africa. Sustainable Development Goal 13 PRO in Ghana and a peace-builder with GUNA.
How to bring my expertise to support the Justice for All Campaign, How to join the process for my country to benefit by implementing campaigns at the country level. How to petition and demand government to increase support for CSOs. He is looking forward to build on his abilities as a Youth Activist and the opportunity to work with people.
Nii Addo is the network champion (main point of contact) for Strategic Youth Network for Development (SYND).

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