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Student Clinic for Immigrant Justice

Waltham, United States
Joined September 2020

SCIJ provides representation for all asylum seekers by training college students to become immigration advocates, and to fight for a socially just immigration system and community transformation.

Presence in: United States
Focus: Citizenship & Identification, Other

SCIJ partners with colleges and universities to train undergraduate students to provide free legal representation to immigrants and to organize for immigrant justice. SCIJ runs the training program and operates the legal clinic; colleges provide the space, student recruitment support, and staffing help for their campus’s program.

Students begin in SCIJ’s Law & Immigration Training Program which provides a broad overview of immigration law, and qualifies them for accreditation with the Department of Justice. This accreditation allows trained non-attorneys to provide immigration legal services. We also train students in community organizing and advocacy. 

Trained students provide pro bono remote and in-person immigration legal services to asylum seekers. This includes intake, case development, and representing them in their proceedings. SCIJ’s remote immigration services program is made possible through partnerships with Innovation Law Lab and Al Otro Lado. For SCIJ’s direct representation work, SCIJ pairs students with immigration attorneys who then together work on an asylum case from intake to completion. Students take on about 80% of the work that goes into the asylum case with SCIJ providing support through case rounds, individual feedback, editing, etc. throughout the process. The partner attorney also provides feedback at key checkpoints and is the attorney of record on the case.

Fueled by the injustices experienced through students’ advocacy, SCIJ mobilizes students to organize their clients and immigrant communities for change on local issues, in addition to state and federal policy. This includes developing campaigns, training people to give testimony, organizing forums and workshops, and shifting power to immigrants to lead the fight for immigrant justice. 

People Associated With This Organization

Jonathan Goldman

United States  
Student Clinic for Immigrant Justice
Joined September 2020
Interests: Citizenship & Identification, Other
Jonathan Goldman is the Executive Director of the Student Clinic for Immigrant Justice (SCIJ). Born in Denmark and raised in the US, Jonathan's outlook on immigration has been shaped by this foundational part of his identity. He previously co-founded The Right to Immigration Institute (TRII) and was one of the youngest elected members of the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee. Jonathan Goldman is committed to creating a better world through collaborative approaches, community engagement, and innovative solutions.
As a member of the Legal Empowerment Network, Jonathan is interested in learning from others and figuring out ways he can support and collaborate with other innovative legal initiatives. 

At TRII, Jonathan co-led the nonprofit which operates the first-in-the-nation program at Brandeis University that trains undergraduate students in immigration law and mobilizes them to provide immigration legal services. Under his leadership, they served 120+ immigrants, trained 70+ students, accredited 7 students with the Department of Justice, and proved the feasibility of engaging undergraduates in the fight for immigrant justice. He received multiple recognitions including the Davis Projects for Peace prize and the Karpf Hahn Peace Award, and TRII received the Interdisciplinary Legal Studies Teaching Award from the Consortium for Undergraduate Law & Justice Programs.

Jonathan also has over 5 years of experience in community and advocacy organizing with multiple campaigns across Massachusetts on the local, state, and federal levels. Jonathan has raised $100,000s through his work at SCIJ, TRII, Northampton Arts Council, and political campaigns. Through his experiences as a multilingual, dual-citizen, young adult fighting to create a better tomorrow, Jonathan draws on his background to engage people in making a difference. 
Jonathan Goldman is the network champion (main point of contact) for Student Clinic for Immigrant Justice.

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