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Tashabbus Inc. (NGO)

Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Joined January 2015
Presence in: Uzbekistan

Tashabbus (Initiative, formerly is an organization established by young Uzbek lawyers in 2010. The mission of the organization is to encourage and empower citizens to actively participate in the process of strengthening the rule of law in Uzbekistan.
What we aim:

The Uzbek legal system provides necessary preconditions and safeguards for building a democratic state with a strong rule of law. The Constitution stipulates that democracy in Uzbekistan rests on such ultimate values as life, freedom, honor and dignity of the human being. It also provides for the rule of law and a system of checks and balances. These fundamental constitutional provisions have yet to be implemented. There are two major obstacles in this process: flagrant disregard of constitutional rights and laws by government officials with impunity and citizen’s failure to take effective legal actions against such violations, which has been indirectly contributing to the growing disrespect of citizens’ fundamental rights. Tashabbus was established to address these problems and contribute to the strengthening of the rule of law in Uzbekistan through raising legal literacy of its citizens.