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Ahmed Mesbah

Added on: Aug 08, 2019

the council is entitled with settling the administrative disputes which arise between individuals and the state or its agencies

The council consists of three major departments. The litigation department is entitled with settling the administrative disputes between the individuals and the state in all the aspects of administrative performance of the government and its related agencies. It is entitled to settle disputes in the fields of public rights and liberties, investment, parliament, land rights, tax, education, civil service, etc. it does its duties through numerous courts spread across the state. it is aided by the state commissioners’ authority that prepares the case during the pretrial procedures, offer amicable resolution and represent the case before the court.

The Fatwa department gives legal advice to all the governmental bodies in different levels in ministries and agencies. It does its task through committees of judges attached to every ministry or governmental agency to give such advice.

The legislation department is entitled with revising all the laws proposed by the government and the parliament before issuance to ensure that such laws are abiding by the constitution and the constitutional rights.

Additionally, the assembly of Fatwa and legislation solves the disputes between governmental bodies when disputes arise through binding decisions.


Ahmed Mesbah

I am a judge in the Egyptian Council of State, administrative judiciary. I have been working in the state commissioners' authority of the litigation department for five years . I have been selected as a member of the committee entitled with the mega-project of digital transformation of the administrative judiciary in Egypt. I am a former police officer and a commander of a platoon of police cadets in the Egyptian Police Academy. I am a recipient of the Medal of Excellence by the Egyptian President. I have a Master's degree in Law from the faculty of law, Alexandria University. I'm also enrolled in the LLM program in the American University in Cairo in International and Comparative Law as a recipient of the Yousef Jameel GAPP (Global Affairs and Public Policy) Public Leadership Fellowship.