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Added on: Mar 16, 2015

Last Updated: Aug 23, 2017

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Established in 2008, the Justice Center for Legal Aid is a Jordanian not-for-profit and non-governmental organisation registered with the Jordanian Societies Registry. JCLA strives to develop a national sustainable legal aid model tailored to local needs.

JCLA is committed to empowering and enabling all poor and vulnerable people in Jordan with a view to realize a society where everyone has equal access to the justice system. JCLA does this by implementing legal awareness programs; providing legal consultations, mediation and representation services in the areas of civil, criminal and family (including Sharia) law; and advocating for reform to the justice system.

Since 2008 JCLA has grown from one legal aid clinic in Amman to become the largest legal aid provider in Jordan, providing legal aid services at 24 clinics located across all 12 governorates, as set out in the aside illustration. Each month, JCLA assists approximately 375 beneficiaries through legal consultations, provides legal representation to approximately 150 beneficiaries across 200 cases, and reaches approximately 3600 vulnerable people through its awareness sessions.



I currently work at the Justice Center for Legal Aid (Amman, Jordan).


Ayesha Al Omary

My name is Ayesha Al Omary and I am a Fundraising Officer at a local, non government, non profit legal aid organizations in Amman, Jordan called the Justice Center for Legal Aid. My experience is in designing useful projects and find funding for them for my organization as we aim to institutionalize legal aid in Jordan. I also work as a volunteer for multiple local, small, grassroots organizations helping build their capacity, and strengthen their programs especially on issues of gender justice in Jordan. I also hold a masters degree in Human Rights and Human Development from the university of Jordan. My thesis was entitled "Women's Agency in Justice Based Approaches to Islam: The Interpretation of Kecia Ali and Asma Barlas in Comparative Perspective".


Diala Khamra

Diala Khamra is founder of the Justice Center for Legal Aid based in Amman, Jordan. The Center provides the poor and the vulnerable with access to counsel and representation through legal aid clinics across the country. Diala also works as a private consultant focusing on broad issues related to rule of law and governance, and has worked with USAID, the World Bank, and the Basel Institute on Governance in Switzerland.


Glenn Geerts

Glenn is an organizational development consultant at the Justice Center for Legal Aid (JCLA), Jordan's largest legal aid NGO. JCLA provides poor and vulnerable people in Jordan with access to legal aid services, including legal consultations and legal representations. Through awareness sessions, JCLA informs the community about legal aid and the law. Through advocating for the enhancement of the Jordan legal aid system, JCLA strives to uphold the right of all to access justice in Jordan.


Hussein Sarayreh

Hussein is a legal services coordinator at Justice center for legal aid in Jordan, where working on operations management which deals with beneficeiares cases and service providers of Lawyers and Paralegals team. Hussein is a human rights and sustainable development activist, working on Investigative journalism and advocacy campaigns.


Jida Ojjeh

Jida graduated from the School of Management and Logistics Sciences, the German-Jordanian University in 2016 and started working in Jordan with the Justice Center for Legal Aid (JCLA) as a monitoring and evaluation officer. JCLA is dedicated to empowering all poor and vulnerable people in Jordan and strives to uphold the right of all to access justice in Jordan. As a monitoring and evaluation officer, Jida's main responsibilities are to design M&E project plans, develop indicators and outcomes that ensure an effective implementation of the project and to report on all projects implemented by JCLA. Moreover, she designs regular evaluations to assess the status of beneficiaries' legal empowerment through various methods. Jida believes that legal empowerment is an important element in creating an equal and inclusive society.


Maram Maghalseh

Legal councilor and advocate in legal aid, an awareness raising lecturer director in human rights and GBV and family affairs. Looking forward to exchange learning in legal empowerment at societies.


Tara Wekhyan

Resource Development Officer at the Justice Center for Legal Aid (JCLA). The Justice Center for Legal Aid is a Jordanian non-governmental and non-profit organization with a focus on providing all poor and vulnerable people in Jordan with equal access to the justice system. JCLA does this through 3 main programs: legal awareness programs; providing legal consultations and court representations to those who cannot afford a lawyer, and advocating for reform to achieve a national legal aid system.


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