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The Serious Work Association (SWA)

Giza, Egypt
Joined December 2012
Presence in: Egypt

The Serious Work Association (SWA) is an Egyptian NGO, registered at the Ministry of Social Solidarity under No. 4463, May 2012.SWA consists of a mixture of a group of young people and others with extensive experience in field work. This team gathered together with one desire, that is community service and hard work for a better society, and took of the slogan “Promoting and protecting human rights” an approach to work and way of development.SWA’s board consisted of five female members from different ages. SWA’s idea based on participation and equality among all sections of society.
Despite its recent registration, SWA exerted great efforts and many activities to serve the community depending on self-financing through donations of the board and members of the association ,cooperation with local and foreign NGOs.SWA has administrative body composed of a group of young people with different qualifications and multiple experiences with a strong desire to serve the community and actively participate in finding solutions for it.

SWA, was established in the Great Sea district, Giza governorate which is a densely populated area of the poor who are suffering a lot of problems, especially women who suffer from poverty, marginalization and violence. From this scope SWA was established. Among the current activities carried out by SWA is to extract official documents for women (national ID cards – birth certificates) that will help them to get social security pension.Also, SWA works on literacy by teaching women and girls who didn’t have the opportunity to go to schools. As well, SWA provides training on crafts to women so as to enable them to have the ability to invade markets through handicrafts to reduce their dependence on men.
Towards a better society fully aware of its rights.
Combating violence against women where justice, equality, rejection of discrimination and empowering women prevails.

SWA General Objectives:
1-work on combating violence against women and on empowering them.
2- Caring and developing target groups socially, culturally and healthy.
3-Provide guidance and psychological services for women and the family.
4- Modify the wrong family trends.
5-Participate in finding real solutions to the problems that face marginalized groups such as women and children.
6-cooperation and coordination of efforts between the Association and all those interested in women’s rights, whether individuals, organizations, governmental or non-governmental organizations inside or outside Egypt to achieve development of community, especially for women.
7-Work on women’s literacy as input to a comprehensive development and raise their human rights, health, cultural and environmental awareness.
8- Discovering and training of youth cadres to participate in development.