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56, Group 10, Wat Bo Village, Sala Kamreuk Commune
Siem Reap, Siem Reap


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Jaime Gill

Added on: Mar 04, 2019

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2019

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Our vision is for vulnerable children, families & communities in Cambodia to be supported to access & create opportunities in this life. We work in family, education, community, prisons & more.

This Life Cambodia (TLC) has spent ten years working alongside communities to develop projects that benefit the lives of children and families in Cambodia. We work in rural and urban areas with people who face compound disadvantages resulting from and contributing to the cycle of poverty. Our work engages with children, their families, schools, and other civil service organisations and local, provincial and national governance structures. Our work increasingly involves public campaigning for change, on the challenges that Cambodians tell us have the biggest impact on them.


Borany Chea

I’m Borany Chea, a Community Section Lead from This Life Cambodia (TLC) in Cambodia. I am currently managing two programs in TLC. These are This Life in Schools and This Life Without Violence Programs. I have about 10 years’ experience of working collaboratively with NGOs and government partners, I am experienced in providing the technical skills, knowledge, and networks to ensure the successful implementation of TLC’s community initiatives to reach the best interests of children and vulnerable people. In joining this network, I wish to share my experience and learn from people from other countries, understand their working and social skills and how each person is dealing with social issues in each country. I am passionate about working with communities to ensure the are aware of the avenues available to them to seek just outcomes, especially in the areas of juvenile justice and domestic violence. I see education as the key to unlocking knowledge and understanding about the law, the ways to work cooperatively with government and others to achieve great outcomes for our people.


Jaime Gill

I'm Jaime Gill and I work in communications for This Life Cambodia, an award-winning NGO which focuses on supporting and strengthening Cambodian communities and families so that they can overcome challenges and thrive on their own. An important part of this work is providing education on legal rights and supporting individuals and communities in fighting for those rights. One of our biggest intiatives recently was educating women on their legal rights to live free of domestic violence. We also work a lot with young people in conflict with the law and have won awards for this work. I hope this network will give us ideas on how to do more on behalf of the families and communities we work with now.


Tom Booth

I work for This Life Cambodia and a lot of our projects synergise with legal empowerment, from keeping familes together, working with Juveniles in conflict with the law to working to protect women and children from domestic violence . I have overer 17 years’ experience gained from working in and managing programs for young people and adults in the health, social care and community development sector in both the United Kingdom and Cambodia, where he has been based since 2013. Tom has been involved in delivering a diverse range of successful programs including: diversionary justice and community reintegration with young offenders, sexual and reproductive health, drug and alcohol recovery treatment services, child protection, disability, education and vocational training and unsafe migration. This includes leading the development and implementation of innovative projects as well as providing technical advice and support to develop the capacity of project and staff teams.