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Tusitukirewamu Group Bwaise

Kampala City, Uganda
Joined May 2022

We focus on ending violence against women & girls in the slums of Kampala City, Uganda. Activities are Economic empowerment, public awareness of women empowerment laws, and access to education.

Presence in: Uganda
Focus: Children's Rights, Community Paralegals, Education, Gender-based violence, HIV/Aids, Policy Advocacy, Women's Rights

Tusitukirewamu Group Bwaise is a women-led NGO, based and registered in Uganda with registration No INDR154764515NB.
Our vision is “A society where women and girls are free from all forms of violence and discrimination” and the mission is “To work with women, girls, men, and boys to attain a violence-free society where women and girls enjoy their rights and effectively participate in decision-making processes at all levels of society”.

The organization was started way back in 1998 by a group of 8 women living in the slums of Bwaise, Kampala city, as a response to the effects of HIV/AIDS and the rampant domestic violence which had devastated the lives of the slum women and girls. Over the years membership of the group has grown from 8 to 490 members including; single mothers, widows, and neglected and abused young women. We work in partnership with community volunteers comprising of vulnerable women and girls, men and boys living in the project area. Currently, there are 27 community volunteers who interface with the beneficiaries and deliver services including HIV counseling, referrals for HIV testing and treatment, identification of girls and young women experiencing violence, and referring them to our “women’s safe haven” which further links them to legal service providers including the police, probation offices, courts of law and other civil society organizations that provide legal aid and support.

People Associated With This Organization

sinayi Kasibante

Tusitukirewamu Group Bwaise (Unverified)
Joined May 2022
Interests: Children's Rights, Gender-based violence, HIV/Aids, Policy Advocacy, Women's Rights
I am a social development practitioner, currently working with an NGO called Tusitukirewamu as a Program Manager. I have a wealth of experience in designing and implementing programs that promote the human rights of marginalized people in Uganda. For over 10 years I worked with a human rights international NGO, called ActionAid Uganda. Throughout this period I served as a Programs Manager responsible for designing and implementing advocacy programs aimed at promoting the fundamental human rights of women, youth, children, and people living with HIV.

One of my key roles in this position was to design training materials for use to build the staff capacity of ActionAid Uganda and their partners to design and implement interventions from a human rights-based approach(HRBA) – the training involved equipping the staff with skills for analyzing policies, laws, practices, to find out how they influence the realization of human rights. I was also directly responsible for training ActionAid partners to equip them with lobbying and advocacy knowledge and skills like; peace negotiations, campaigning, skills to carry out solidarity missions, civil disobedience, and public litigations.

I hold a Master’s degree in Health and Social Care Research from Sheffield University and a BSc in Agriculture from Makerere University.

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