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Lira, Uganda
Joined March 2022

we are based in the Lango region of northern Uganda focused on igniting the potential of the Lango region for community-led development through movements and capacity building.

Presence in: Uganda
Focus: Children's Rights, Community / Customary Land Rights, Community Paralegals, Disability Rights, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, HIV/Aids, Livelihoods, Peace-building & Transitional Justice

Tware Foundation Limited takes its name from the Lango ward Tware which mean ‘fly’ or ‘to fly’ and our motto is: ‘the eagle must fly’ which is an analogy for unfulfilled potential such that if an eagle is hatched and raised by a chicken, it will grow up not knowing that it can fly, so are the destinies of many people and communities determined by the environmental factors such as poverty, gender, disability, economic and other social justice. We see social injustice as man-made and can be overcome by the actions of humans and the onus falls on a community and a generation to make social justice blossom. Our focus is on optimizing equity in societal development for the underserved communities and mobilizing communities towards sustainable and responsible development. We envision a transformed society where citizens live in dignity and have opportunities to develop themselves in a holistic perspective. And we purpose to inspire, catalyze and unleash the potential of disadvantaged communities to become empowered and self-sustaining.
Tware Foundation was founded by seasoned and passionate development-minded leaders who came together to pool the numerous lessons learned in their collective experience and distil best practices against systemic problems. The team leader and vision bearer Bishop Emeritus Alfred Acur is considered by many as the de-facto moral leader in the region. We have registered with Uganda Registration Services Bureau and our office is at Alito Camp, Lira City West Division. Lira City, northern Uganda

People Associated With This Organization

Boniface Newton Obonyo

Joined March 2022
Interests: Community / Customary Land Rights, Disability Rights, Environmental Justice, Financial Sustainability & Fundraising, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Legal Aid & Public Interest Law, Livelihoods, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Women's Rights
I am the Executive Director of Tware Foundation based in Uganda where I provide strategic leadership. I have been facilitating a movement for land justice in our community by promoting the Principles, Practices, Rights and responsibilities in Lango's customary tenure system. I have also been championing gender and disability justice in the same communities and am optimistic that by joining this network, I will learn from others and access relevant resources to help me serve my community better. I have led the Land and Equity Movement in Uganda in the Lango region and led the development arms of the church of Uganda Diocese of Lango and West Lango respectively and the region relies on me for quality development work and providing leadership on matters of strategic significance to the regions and mostly those that affect the disadvantaged members like women, children and persons with disabilities.
Boniface Newton Obonyo is the network champion (main point of contact) for TWARE FOUNDATION LIMITED.

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