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Ukrainian Paralegal Association

Mission UPA develops Ukraine as a state governed by the rule of law and implements democratic changes in communities by building a capable community of paralegals.

Presence in: Ukraine
Focus: Community Paralegals

The number of paralegals in Ukraine today is 226 people, which are united in six regions, each of which has its own specifics. The work of each region is monitored and directed by a regional coordinator elected in its region.

Increase access to justice in communities by paralegals community development.

Restrictive access and low level of knowledge of residents of small communities and vulnerable groups about solving problems legally.

Many communities do not have free access to lawyers – remote mountain villages, small settlements, dying rural areas, vulnerable and closed communities, low-income citizens and so on.

Academic legal aid providers do not always take into consideration the specifics of working with low-income citizens, vulnerable groups. Very often insurmountable obstacles to access justice are inability or unwillingness to communicate with difficult or low-income clients, disregard of people, financial benefit, difficult legal terms, etc.

There is no effective communication between citizens and the authorities.

Paralegals study the existing legal issues carefully and redirect people to the relevant department or institution or provide legal information that will help solve the problem themselves. It can refer to both: the person and the community.

Paralegals are the real leaders of social change, as they help to solve problems legally and make their surroundings more knowledgeable about human rights. A network of such leaders in their communities can become an important tool in overcoming legal isolation.

Paralegal is someone who knows how the justice system works, what legal aid providers are, and understands which institution people need to visit in order to get a professional legal service as quickly and qualified as possible.

Paralegals can initiate and implement positive change in their communities, as well as receive support from donors, the state and the community itself.

People Associated With This Organization

Hanna Ilashchuk

Ukrainian Paralegal Association (Unverified)
Joined February 2022
Interests: Community / Customary Land Rights, Community Organizing, Community Paralegals, Disability Rights, Gender-based violence
For nine years she was an active member of the Dialog Youth Club. Together with the club members, they held a large number of events on a wide range of social and "acute" topics, including:
- “Survival School for Adolescents”, during which topical issues of high school students were considered (adaptation of a newcomer to the class, the influence of youth subcultures on the formation of adolescents' personalities, sexually transmitted infections, etc.)
- Annual information campaigns to combat the spread and memory of those living with HIV / AIDS
- Annual action "Bank of Medicines" in schools of the city
- interschool competition "Super class"
- a quest for experts in the history of the city.
Personal qualities: ambition, purposefulness, honesty, justice, energy; organization, desire for development, focus on results; perseverance, diligence, discipline, punctuality.
I can quickly adapt to changes and establish contacts in the team, I have
good diction and sense of humor.In 2019 she trained and joined the community of Public Councilors,
then actively participated in the creation of the public organization "Association
Public Advisers of Ukraine ". From the end of 2020 to the present I am actively working for
- setting up educational processes (she was one of the coordinators of the 8th curriculum; I am actively working on adapting the program to the distance format; search and integration of new topics)
- fundraising (attracting resources for training Strategic fundraising; coordination of writing regulations on the Board of Trustees and the Fundraising Department; participation in the development of fundraising and communication strategies AGRU)
- organization of training and communication events, logistics and general coordination, in particular, meetings of authors, trainers and partners in 2020-21, AGRU Summer Camp-2021. According to the decision of the General Meeting of the organization, I have been the chairman since November 20.

Please contact to report outdated information or to ask a question about this profile.