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Union for HIV prevention and Harm Reduction

Balti, Moldova
Joined March 2019
Presence in: Moldova
Focus: Criminal Justice, Health, Right to Information, Women's Rights

December 2004, 14 organizations, based on the implementing of Harm Reduction strategies in Moldova have decided to form the Union for HIV Prevention and Harm Reduction (UORN). On November 19, 2007, the Moldovan Ministry of Justice registered this Union. The aim of the UORN is to evaluate continuously all the members’ necessities and to implement Harm Reduction Programs. At the moment UORN is mainly focused on:

  • Changing the social perception towards drug users in Republic of Moldova.
  • Financial sustainability of Harm reduction programs in Republic of Moldova: thus the UORN team is working to guarantee the financial continuity, stability and sustainability for the future projects.
  • Increasing the quality of service provision and creating a viable system of references for all potential beneficiaries of harm reduction programs, by promoting a joint standard in the domain of HIV and TB prevention and Harm Reduction.
  • Ensuring the implementation of legal empowerment policies and practices that meet the needs of vulnerable communities such as injecting drug users, commercial sex workers, people living with HIV / AIDS through the specialized paralegal activities.
  • Advocating for a humanitarian policy towards drug users by promoting the implementation of alternatives to drug-related punishments.

People Associated With This Organization

Ala Iatco

Union for HIV prevention and Harm...
Joined November 2018
Interests: Education, Health, Right to Information, Women's Rights
I have 18 years of work experience in the area of implementing HIV Prevention and Harm Reduction Programs in the Republic of Moldova. Since 2000, I have been involved in the senior management of the Association “Youth for the Right to Life” from Balti. In 2007 I participated in the establishment of the Harm Reduction Network in the country known at present as the Union for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Harm Reduction in Moldova, holding the position of Union President. During this time I took part in the development of several manuals, guidelines and standards related to HIV Prevention Program work amongst the groups with high risk of infection in the Republic of Moldova. I pursued substantial activity aiming to advocate sustainability and durability of Harm Reduction Programs and to increase the State Budget support for these Programs. I have got my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Assistance and Master’s Degree in Social Assistance and Public Health Management.

Oxana Buzovici

Union for HIV prevention and Harm...
Joined July 2019
Interests: Women's Rights
My name is Oxana (Oksana), surname – Buzovici (Buzovich)
After graduating the State University in 2003, as a specialist in education and social studies, I dedicated myself to HIV and drug abuse prevention, building experience through working with street children, the most at risk adolescents, and with adults from most at risk groups (people using drugs and sex workers). For the last 7 years, I focused my activity, within the public association “Union for HIV prevention and harm reduction” (UORN), in coordinating and capacity strengthening of specialists working in the organizations implementing harm reduction programs in Moldova. In addition, I am involved in activities of training and capacity building of specialized paralegals, which started their work since 2018 in Moldova.
Also I am involved in mobilizing and empowering the community of people using drugs, especially women, and sex workers’ community, within a service provider organization ”Youth for the Right to Live” Balti, who supports people facing social exclusion on the basis of health problems. The organization developed and manages for more than 20 years Harm Reduction Services and for more than 5 years coordinates the integrated assistance centre (300 m2) with complex services, for nearly 3,000 people from groups with high risk of HIV infection (PWID and SW).

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