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United Belize Advocacy Movement

Belize City, Belize
Joined May 2022

We are the oldest and only L.G.B.T led policy and advocacy organization in Belize, working on law reform, litigation through our Human Rights Observatory to dismantle systemic & structural violence

Presence in: Belize
Focus: Criminal Justice, LGBTQI+ Rights


To be LGBT policy and advocacy organization that provides investigation, documentation, and civil rights enforcement services for marginalized communities in Belize using a transnational and national framework to address systemic and structural violence that promote rights violations of Belizeans trying to access state services.

Area of work:

  1. Systemic and Structural violence advocacy to strengthen legal and regulatory frameworks on socio-economic and civil rights matters for vulnerable populations.
  2. Provision of socio-economic and civil rights services through our human rights observatory the only LGBT led and managed redress mechanism for vulnerable populations.
  3. Sustainable Development Advocacy around vulnerable population with the Ministry of Economic Development and Sustainable Development to inform their mid-term planning documents for the country.
  4. Transnational advocacy with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Universal Periodic Review and O.A.S.
  5. Transnational advocacy to address LGBTI economic inclusion, improved interventions to address gender-base violence for vulnerable women through Spotlight a global EU program that operates in the national response.
  6. Transnational and national advocacy and monitoring around the application of the L.G.B.T.I index, progress on sustainable development goals as it affects key and vulnerable populations through UN systems, Ministries, and international webinars.
  7. Production of knowledge products to address inclusive sustainable development, economic policy, and development planning.
  8. Budget advocacy to support better health outcomes for key and vulnerable population in our HIV response.
  9. Policy monitoring and evaluation to inform interventions that promote inequity and inequality that impacts key and vulnerable populations.

People Associated With This Organization

Caleb Orozco

United Belize Advocacy Movement
Joined May 2022
Interests: Criminal Justice, LGBTQI+ Rights, Livelihoods
I am Caleb Orozco a LGBT/Human Rights advocate who have worked for the past fifteen years as head of a learning organization, worked to evaluate Belize’s LGBT transnational Advocacy framework and has conducted assessments that defined a national framework to include a civil rights and liberation lens. I have worked to advance development of a trauma informed approach to victim advocacy; a legal advocate course agreement with a Caribbean regional university and produced forensic analysis report for gay men that identify factors that amplify gay men vulnerability to murder. Using data collection, I have slowly developed a human rights observatory that does litigation within the United Belize Advocacy Movement, produced transnational human rights reports for the I.C.C.P.R and U.P.R process that have led to 17 of 19 recommendations in the UPR accepted in 2018 by the state of Belize. I have also engaged General Assembly and thematic hearings at the O.A.S since 2006, UN and Commonwealth Systems through partners Human Dignity Trust, Commonwealth Equality Network and Outright international, COC Netherlands and Sexual Rights Initiative. L.G.B.T.I OAS Core Group on LGBTI refugees.
With the Help of The University of the West Indies Rights Advocacy Project (U.R.A.P) who were the lead lawyers that initiated a constitutional challenge against Belize Sodomy Law became the principal litigant in the Caleb Orozco v. The Attorney General of Belize constitutional challenge to Section 53 of the Criminal Code. The Supreme Court ruled on August 10th, 2016, our sodomy law was unconstitutional, but the decision was in December 2019 in the Court of Appeals in Belize, becoming the first CARICOM country to decriminalise its sodomy law. A process that helped launched the global mandate of Human Dignity Trust decriminalisation campaign in 2011. The work in Belize, helped to influenced the way litigation is done in the Caribbean. Amplifying the win, I worked to facilitate resources to our National AIDS Commission, from our international partners Human Dignity Trust to advance the development of an Equal Opportunities Bill in 2020 that is inclusive of sexual Orientation, Gender identity and Intersex. As well hate crime amendments to our criminal code.
Winner of Gay Community News Ireland Award 2015, David Kato Award, 2016; Felipa de Souza award, Outright, 2017; IPPF Maria Cisneros Award, 2017 and Human Rights Campaign Allied and Advocates Award, 2016. Spoken at PAHO Washington hemispheric Human Rights Day meeting, 2016; Spoken at UNGA side event in 2016 organized by UNLGBT Core group; Inter-American-Commission thematic hearings on LGBTI and violence; Was on a panel for Human Trafficking and LGBTI in DC for the OAS, and for CHOGM 2015 and worked at the General Assembly for the Organizations of American States since 2007, as part of a coalition, to push resolutions on Human rights: sexual orientation and gender identity.
Caleb Orozco is the network champion (main point of contact) for United Belize Advocacy Movement.

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