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United Workers

Baltimore, United States
Joined February 2019

We are a human rights organization based in Baltimore City, MD, United States. Our mission is to use grassroots people power and advocacy to address the systemic neglect and injustices within our city

Presence in: United States
Focus: Environmental Justice, Housing Rights & Informal Settlements, Labor & Employment

We as an organization advocate a fair development platform and intensive research into our current living conditions, how we arrive at this point, and what steps are needed to create a more fair, just, and equitable society.

People Associated With This Organization

Terrel Askew

United States  
United Workers
Joined February 2019
Interests: Environmental Justice
I am a leadership organizer with a human rights organization called United Workers. I have been apart of this organization for nearly 2 and a half years. As a member, I have been focusing on housing issues in the city of Baltimore. Now I'm looking to learn more about environmental injustice and how Namati can help disinvested communities address their need for better conditions and stricter regulations.
Terrel Askew is the network champion (main point of contact) for United Workers.

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